Friday, April 19, 2019

JoCo DA Good With Police Shooting Gunman Who Targeted Highland Elementary School

Aftermath of Golden Ghetto gunfire wherein authorities back police following a shooting scare that sent parents into a panic. Read more:

Mission police were justified in shooting suspect who shot school, prosecutor finds

MISSION, KS (KCTV) -- Mission police were justified in shooting a suspect who had opened fire on a Shawnee Mission elementary school on March 1, Johnson County District Attorney Steve Howe said Friday. Responding officers had shot suspect Dylan Ruffin after repeatedly ordering him to come out of a house near Highland Elementary School in Fairway.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

They didn’t shoot him enough times

Anonymous said...

^^^^ LULz!

Anonymous said...

i have to jump over the little bush to get his legs

Tracy Thomas said...

Why is this even a thing? He opened the door with a gun pointed at the cops.
After his abused, co-dependent Mom told cops her son had a gun (again after the event the day before where he claimed he was just shooting squirrels), but this time, his gun was not loaded?
Shades of Sandy Hook. Mom refused to get help for her mentally-deranged loser son.

Or is this just "dotting his i's and crossing his t's for Steve Howe?

Is it because Grampa is a casino-owning millionaire from Wichita who will try to get sonny off?

A family in denial, thinking that if Millenial Maniac is just told to stay 200 yards away from Highlands Elementary, he will do as he is told, and never offend again?

Joco dodged a huge bullet with this creep. SMSD school officials made very dangerous assumptions, (this was a drive by shooting at 1:30--and WE THINK AND ASSUME WITHOUT INVESTIGATION that it's over??? Not.) and with weak police officer advice, were dismissing students out the front door at 3pm, rather than the back door-- in direct line of fire from this shooter's mama's house.

The same shooter had been stopped and questioned by Barney Fife police (Mission or Fairway? It's on the line...) the day before for illegally discharging a weapon in the city...the "squirrel incident". Yet did not question him immediately when they discovered broken glass in the third grade classroom? Across the street from his bedroom window??

Lock him up, Steve Howe.