Monday, April 22, 2019

Internets Police Target Suspected Kansas City Creepers In Crusade To Protect Youngsters

A reminder that monitoring Internets and social media traffic is the new law enforcement hotness as spying and stings, confidence scams and all manner of sketchiness confront every online denizen who delves too far into the digital world. Take a look:

Safe KC: Inside the Western Missouri Cyber Crimes Task Force

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A task force dedicated to keeping child predators off the streets said the number of leads it has received in the Kansas City area this year is higher than average. In one year, the Western Missouri Cyber Crimes Task Force usually receives about 400 tips.


Anonymous said...

Then they need to deal with that Socialist Nazi Byron.

Anonymous said...

Yep Byron is a scary guy. Multiple personalities. Sybil's brother. Stupid too.

Anonymous said...

^^^You two are sooooo boring.

Anonymous said...

But, it's such excitement to be bi, right, BlieROB? I mean bi-polar. Never a dull moment for Funkyhoosier the fraudster!

Anonymous said...

^^^Do you EVEN speak English bruh??!!??

Anonymous said...

^^^It might be some real street slang crap but as a rule he's dead on with what is said if you understand it.

Byron Funkhouser said...

The Blieron guy & the Slie guy are the same Petersucker who hates on Ms. Baker by calling her names.

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Anonymous said...

^^^^^^^^^^^^^Prove it asshole, but we all know you can't.