Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Independence Fights 'Smart Meter' Tech

Another great report from The Examiner as a community rallies against a digital spying initiative.

Money line:

'Harry Truman would be embarrassed': Independence residents address council after smart meter vote

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Council gets an earful on 'smart meters'

While some citizens try to petition for putting digital smart meters on the ballot, one Independence City Council member tried Monday evening to bypass the wait for that petition.In a packed meeting in which many citizens aired their continued displeasure about the city's pending decision to install advanced metering infrastructure - or AMI, popularly known as smart meters - for city utilities Tom Van Camp moved to have the council decide for itself to put the matter on the Aug.


Anonymous said...

some of these people own their own bussness just think how they might screw their custmers just a thought

Anonymous said...

Eileen has some big luscious tits.

Anonymous said...

One of the major things these meters do is give control of your thermostat to the gas and electricity company’s, they can turn your heat down or your a/c up at anytime, you essentially have them running your furnace to lower temps when’s it’s freezing and a/c goes up when it’s hot. I hope these people get their way and keep the control of their furnace and a/c. Nobody wants to freeze in the winter and be hot as hell in their own house during the summer.

Anonymous said...

KCPL boondoggle, version 6.0

It does nothing for the people, except hijack their budgets