Sunday, April 28, 2019

Horrific Crime Against KCK Youngster

Honestly, this story is so unsettling that we didn't want to mention it. And it keeps getting worse:

Fox4KC:: KCK police chief says 2-year-old tested positive for STD following evidence of rape

Read more but consider that this tale will weaken your faith in humanity:

KCK police investigate rape of two year-old

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Anonymous said...

This is so disgusting. Imagine when you are in your teens and you are told you have an STD from an incident when you were two years old.

This person needs life in prison MINIMUM. The problem is there is some bleeding heart liberal lawyer that will rush to appeal for this shitbag if he gets a tough sentence.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^^^but if he was a black football player you would all want him to keep his job.

Anonymous said...

^^^ blacks get away with everything anymore

Reality Speaker said...

As a white guy who often comments on black violence, I must say that has nothing to do with this story and this piece of shit white man.

I seem to notice a lot of the sick, sex related crimes in the news are more often committed by whites.

There have been several such mews items recently, including parents killing their kids etc.

Anonymous said...

^^^That might be because there are so many more whites than blacks. On a proportionate basis, of course, blacks dominate.