Higher Taxes For Kansas City Po'Folk?!?!?

Even politicos are fearful of putting this issue on the ballot after the Pre-K tax went DOWN IN FLAMES . . . Bilking hard working local voters out of more cash will be a tougher sell then money to educate youngsters. Take a look:

To Help Build Affordable Housing, Kansas City Voters Might Have To Raise Their Taxes

Kansas City voters may be staring down another tax hike come November - this time to try to address the city's lack of affordable housing. Last year, Kansas City officials established a $75 million trust fund with the aim of creating or preserving 5,000 affordable housing units but didn't specify how it would be funded.


  1. NO.



  2. well...y'see here...we have to tax you more so you can have cheaper rent

  3. Meanwhile decent older homes gets bulldozed for McMansions and affordable apartment buildings gets replaced by luxury apartments.

    City Planning Department should be forced to pick the bill not us taxpayers.

  4. The developers will not help fund it and the future tax is going straight to the developers.


  5. More taxes you have got to be kidding!

  6. 4:54 now that’s funny but true! Dumbass’s don’t realize they’re taxing themselves! Hahahahaha!

  7. So let me get this right. In order to fund affordable housing, you have to raise property taxes and/or sales taxes which, in essence, makes KC less affordable to the working class...? Makes perfect sense

    I'd say our local elected officials are "lost" but the word "clueless" feels more appropriate. Always resorting to raising taxes to fund things in this town. If you cannot afford to do something in this town without raising taxes then you probably need to look at what you're already spending money on and cut back OR question whether or not what you're trying to fund is really worth it. Our local officials are seriously trying to tax this town into the dirt.


  8. Perhaps there is plenty of affordable housing in Kansas City, but it is located in areas which are under-policed, under-inspected, under-serviced by for road repair, utilities, etc? If so, then the city could direct more resources already on hand, i.e., a bird in the hand, and forget about the two developer birds supposedly in the bush.


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