Friday, April 12, 2019

Hickman Mills Lesson In School Dysfunction

Testimony from another Kansas City metro unaccredited school district that doesn't even bother to offer much hope of change . . . Read more:

School board candidate says he wanted to be disqualified

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - John Charles Carmichael said he wanted to serve on the Hickman Mills School Board to make a change. He said he didn't realize how political the school board was until he almost became a board member himself.


Anonymous said...

Didn’t their leader- Dr Covington... go to Lee’s Summit and is famous for saying FUCK YOU with his middle finger and is now the poster person for kids on “what not to do as a leader “

What a legacy! My kid learns what not to do from the horrible example.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Covington? At least know the subject matter.