Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Here's How Johnson County Sees The Kansas City Mayoral Matchup

Unflattering caricatures and comical politics identified from our favorite suburban magazine. Take a peek:

Kansas City mayor's race is now a face-off between two sitting city council people, Quinton Lucas and Jolie Justus

Jolie "Money" Justus vs. Quinton "The Professor" Lucas Current gig: Justus: Councilwoman, lawyer, professor Lucas: Councilman, lawyer, professor Primary results: Justus: 23 percent of the vote out of 11 candidates Lucas: 18 percent - four points behind Justus and five points ahead of anyone else Primary night party: Justus: Tower Tavern, a midtown bar whereJustus holds weekly "office hours."


Anonymous said...

JoCo loves Jolie, because they know she can be bought, and will never deal with crime in KC, which keeps demand high for housing in JoCo!!

Anonymous said...

I thought it was resolved that Quinton is NOT a law professor, that he is a mere lecturer. He only misrepresented himself as a professor. Either way it is only an affirmative action position.

Anonymous said...

^^so dull anzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Anonymous said...

Kansas City Mayor's race will be a joke. I thought things might get better after Sly but Kansas City will have the same if not worse problems after Sly. Hard thing, to choose between two people who will continue to take the city down even further. Did Kansas City not see what these people were like? Pathetic!

Anonymous said...

^^^Quit bitching and move! Problem solved. If it's so pathetic, you should be gone. If you don't live here and you're commenting about it, then it's you who's pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Martin Cizmar over at 435 Magazine = A fisherman who drifted out of his lane trying to cover politics!

Just a few errors from the article:

Quinton Lucas is a "Lecturer of Law" not a professor.

In the primary, if Justus got 23 percent of the vote and Lucas got 18 percent of the vote, how many points behind was Lucas? Cizmar says, "four points behind Justus"

Further, Cizmar reports, "She graduated from Missouri State and then UKMC’s School of Law...Justice was Missouri’s first openly gay state senator."
Justus graduated from Missouri State? Did she ever go to MU? Does Cizmar know how to spell her last name?

"Lucus got scholarships to attend the elite Barstow prep school, then Washington University and Cornell Law." Hmm, and who paid for those scholarships?

"He is currently a law professor at KU." This is a lie.

"She walked across the city from the southern edge at 163rd Street and Prospect Avenue to north of the airport. That’s more than 40 miles, completed over nine weekends." This implication that she made a continuous footpath from one end to the other is a lie.

"As part of his far-reaching efforts to connect on the campaign trail, Lucas seemingly sat down with anyone who’d schedule him." Including the Lawrence KS Police Department!

"While she’s been endorsed by outgoing mayor Sly James, Justus is more peaceable than the oft-feisty mayor.." Mr. Cizmar is inventing his own words here.

"Lucas is a scrapper.." Is that scrapper or crapper?

Results: Cizmar is a lazy writer who needs to stick with fishing and the outdoors.

Anonymous said...

Either way the choice comes down to Lesbian or Faggot.

Anonymous said...

^^yep. Ain't America great!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG 435 Mag it's LIKE

Anonymous said...

Quinton Obama will keep the momentum going!

We swear!

Anonymous said...

^^Yes he will! Glad to have you on board! Thanks for the support!

Anonymous said...

^^^^ Don't forget that momentum is what took the Titanic under, if she's been able to stop in time she would have floated till help arrived.

KC appears to have too dam much "momentum".

Anonymous said...

^^^ Golden Buzzer