Green New Deal Town Hall In Kansas City

Old school activism updated for a the current climate debate, here's the narrative from Sunrise Movement:

"In 2018, young Sunrise leaders put the Green New Deal on the map and permanently changed the conversation on climate policy in this country. The political establishment is scrambling to keep up with thousands of people across the country who are eager to take action and bring the promise of the Green New Deal into reality. The Koch Brothers are desperately trying to erode the incredible, bipartisan support that poll after poll shows for the Green New Deal.

That’s why we’re launching Road to the Green New Deal, 8 massive tour stops and over 100 town halls all across America."

Our goals:

- Give every single American an opportunity to hear from their neighbors about how the Green New Deal will improve their lives. 

- Counter the lies coming from the Koch Brothers and their allies.

- Grow our movement to transform the 2020 election into a referendum on climate action.

The local town hall to talk about this topic:

Kansas City Green New Deal Town Hall

April 24, 2019 • 6:30 PM Unity Temple on the Plaza 707 W 47th St Kansas City, MO 64112

Develing . . .


  1. Is AOC going to be there? She is really stupid but she has nice titties.

  2. "Not long ago advancing the idea that every building in the nation must be retrofitted to meet entirely arbitrary standards to protect against the entirely un-dangerous, pretend threat of global warming would have been a non-starter, even among the looniest of the loony left. Too say nothing of abolishing all airline flights, getting rid of cows that fart and eliminating every vehicle with internal combustion engines in 10 years, as AOC proposes.

    Let’s be clear. The only way such schemes can be implemented is by force. At the point of a gun, or at least by the threat of punishment, physical, fiscal or otherwise.

    The socialistic redistribution of wealth is what really is behind the global warming scare. The trouble is, people refuse to give their money to other people simply because the others’ want it. That’s why every socialist state enforces its diktats at gunpoint." - Landsbaum

    AOC thinks (The Economics Professors at Boston University who matriculated this idiot into our midst, should be escorted outside and shot.)that we can pay for this insanity, by, "Printing More Money".

    Even if you are as obtuse and dense as Maxine Waters, you should be able to extrapolate the economic results of a dramatic initiation of a reduction in fossil fuels to the financial well being of nations who use fuckin cars to get around for fuck's sakes.

    Climate Change is a hoax, it is NOT "Settled Science". It IS a device to centralize power and control the population, thereby insuring through demographic change, propaganda, media malfeasance and the destruction of the 1st and 2nd amendments, Socialist/Fascist/Democrat control in the future by those folks modestly equipped, with assistance, to, on a really good, good day, when their feeling really, really smart, to maybe once out 10 times, hit their own fuckin asses with both hands.

  3. Is AOC going to be there? She is really stupid but she has nice titties.

  4. 6:52 AM 7:19 AM

    The neighborhood troll is up early today!

  5. +100 on Chuck's comments. Might not agree but I will say that he can get you thinking! And THAT is what is really important.

  6. The Road To The New Green Deal.... paved with brain contortions.

  7. Chuck saying that climate change is a hoax and not "settled science" is funny! He drove Brandsmart out of business, never went to college, and works as a manual laborer at 70! He's not qualified to be a tackling dummy. Rich, real rich.

    1. What, are you more taker, than maker. Sound kinda judgy, jerk.4/11/19, 12:41 PM

      Climate science debates rage on, and are likely to for as long as this planet exists.

      Brandsmart closed due to several reasons---big box stores competition, the owners interests, and nothing to do with Chuck and other personnel.

      No college?! Big Deal! Millions didn't attend college. They rank among highly respected and accomplished tradespersons, entrepreneurs, artists, captains of industries, and more.

      Working at 70?! Outrage! Whether by choice or need, it beats the f*©k out of being one of those too numerous layabout gibsme mofos.

  8. ^^^All that, yet he's right. Weird.

  9. ^^except he's not. Really weird.

    1. ...and yet, you're wrong.

  10. ...and yet AOC has very nice titties.

    1. Cow farts and trains across oceans...oh, sure!4/11/19, 9:52 PM

      Good thing. Something has to offset that pea-brain, bug-eyed, toothy-grinning, fake accent shifting tool.


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