Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Golden Ghetto Paid Protection Probs

Apparently, there are fewer people willing to risk life, limb and legal trouble to protect this enclave of the 1% . . . Take a look local news making a connection with a national trend whist the reality is the security guard jobs in the suburbs are often filled with complications and aren't very rewarding. On the bright side, the solution to this problem is also more money. Checkit:

Leawood police feeling strain of nationwide officer shortage

LEAWOOD, Kan. - The Leawood Police Department is facing a problem that many police agencies are struggling with nationwide: the department simply does not have enough officers. Because of the shortage of officers, the department relies heavily on overtime to cover all of the necessary shifts. It has also eliminated its bike patrol.


Anonymous said...

For maybe 50K a year who would want to be a police office and have to deal with assholes like Byron and geezer hater out on the streets? Not to mention the homies who think shooting and running over cops is an acceptable function in life. No Sir, I wouldn't do it for 100K a year.

Anonymous said...

^^nor the pants-shitting geezers who call 911 all the time and forget where they are each time the sun goes down! No way! To have to show up to a residence because paw paw called 911 because he couldn't find Matlock on the TV??? Fuck that shit. Am I right or what?

Anonymous said...

No, ^^2:29, popo hate having to hear those sqealy voices and see all the swishing around when you Gayzers call 911 for domestic drama all too often. It's unreal how you expect the taxpaid first responders should be summoned to referee some slapfight over a cheater husband and another man, caught naked and hiding in the bedroom closet. Try turning off the gay porn and put the playtoys away before the PD gets there, if you insist they enter and see what priceless heirlooms and art was trashed by the angry husband. Well, amirite?

Anonymous said...

I’m sorry they’re experiencing a shortage, but even so, their performance is still excellent. My neighbor had reason to call them out just a few weeks ago and they were here within a couple of minutes.