Sunday, April 28, 2019

Golden Ghetto NextGen Talks Mental Health

Worthwhile student activism against a growing problem in JoCo and across the nation and youngsters hope to offer options and fight for access. Take a look:

Students march to show there are Zero Reasons Why not to talk about mental health


Anonymous said...

Sad to say I've seen more people on the streets talking to themselves and other things, with no place to go. This problem is really bad right here in KC and needs to be addressed. People like Sly James refuse to address the issue and ignores the problem, he just can't be bothered, he's busy stealing from the tax payers.

Anonymous said...

Let's spend more time on our phones and the internet for good mental health.

Anonymous said...

Involuntary institutionalization and forcible medication is the only solution. The once-popular and "expert"-endorsed community treatment model has been a miserable failure.

Anonymous said...

Byron Funkhouser is all the proof we need for involuntary institutionalization and forcible medication.

Byron Funkhouser said...

^^So, coward, who gets to decide who's mentally ill.

You want to commit me because I'm a Democrat? Because I'm not a racist? Because I call the cowards who insult Ms. Baker Petersucker, Petersucker?
Maybe, you should be committed.
If you think I've committed a crime, then have me arrested, but don't tell a bunch of lies to have me illegally imprisoned.

My mother's voices told her I was schizophrenic.
My father told me that the aliens didn't kill him because he was Mark's Father.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^No Byron you just right there gave the proof 10:40 was talking about.

You know if you stayed away nobody would call you anything.

Anonymous said...

Mental health treatment for indigents became much more difficult after liberals fought for the right of mental patients to refuse medication, etc., during the 70s. Most of the mental hospitals shut down and turned them all out on the streets where they refused to take medications and became street people.