Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Going Family Style In Kansas City

This foodie link works both ways . . . A great guide for places to AVOID for those who don't want to brave rugrats during a dining experience. Checkit:

10 of Kansas City's Best Family-Friendly Restaurants

When it comes to dining out with kids, there are restaurants that cater specifically to the small set, including Fritz's Railroad Restaurant and Crayola Cafe, as well as local chains like Winstead's. Yet there are a handful of restaurants that manage to be great for both adults and children, and don't make parents feel like a nice meal out is a dream or distant memory.


Anonymous said...

I thought about trying happy gillis until I watched their video. I think that women needs to focus on getting a tooth put in where she's missing one that's not cool. They also need to wear gloves when touching the food, did that person wash after going to the bathroom? The place looks kinda dirty and thrown together with 1950's tables mixed with early 1900's it's like they went through the dump or something. Make your theme one way or the other.

Anonymous said...

OK thanks. Stick to Bob Evans. It's all you know.

Anonymous said...

OMG Feast Magazine it's LIKE

Watch out...if wings and things get heated enough, someone will be SPITTING fire!!! Again, reportedly by certain patrons!!! said...

Forgot Hooters! Now, that's where little tots can go bananas right in the dining area. Children get to play tag in the aisles with the waitresses' tightly-clad tooshies. There's tables to hide under to make the babymamas yell even louder than they're already doing with their table-mates: "Git yo' bad seff ovuh heh, chile!". There's plenty of guests' pantlegs to grab ahold of with greasy little fingers. Some nice patrons will even use terms of endearment while greeting the chair bumping, table-side visiting cutesy kiddos. Or, so, say some youngster's kin. It even made major news!