Sunday, April 14, 2019

Former Prosecutor Will Protect Catholic Youngsters In Kansas City

News from The Church and maybe a sign of hope as this faith community continues to recover from the legacy of predator priests. Read more:

Archdiocese hires new director for the office of child and youth protection

by Olivia Martin KANSAS CITY, Kan. - Anyone who knows Jenifer Valenti knows there are three words that describe her well: knowledgeable, transparent and vigilant. And the fact that unites these attributes? Her Catholic faith. Valenti is a prosecuting attorney by trade and has been the ombudsman for the Diocese of Kansas City-St.


Anonymous said...

Catholicism.. The Religion of Guilt

Anonymous said...

So she is going after all the pedophiles and sex criminals embedded in the Catholic Church hierarchy?

Anonymous said...

Oh come on!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice to see the Catholics trying to do something about it, what’s the other religions and public schools doing? Nothing.

Been "trying" my entire life said...

We shall overcome

Anonymous said...

Shut up Bill Tammeus.

Super Dave said...

So is this the attempt at closing of the gate after the undesirables have been let in? This statement bothers me.

“We both recognize the profound responsibility that we have to protect the legitimate rights and the reputations of both the accused and the victim in these difficult situations, while maintaining a high degree of confidentiality.”

A high degree in confidentiality. So does that mean more cover up, as in better to hide the facts now that the church has someone whose educated in legal matters as related to the laws of the land?

I simply see this as a hey look who we hired and so you all will be safe from any further possible sexual abuse from someone within the church.

Just another PR attempt to cover a bad series of events.

MDLQ said...

......PassOver is coming........right?
What's passing over?....Angel of Death?
Sprinkle blood over the door?