Former Kansas City Running Back Makes Hall Of Fame Pitch Despite Lack Of Interest

Credit where it's due . . . There's nothing more American than trying to sell a bit of sizzle when looking for the next job. Take a look:

Unsure of his NFL future, Jamaal Charles makes his case for the Hall of Fame

After two injury-plagued seasons with the team, former Kansas City Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles was released after the 2016 season. He spent the next season with the Denver Broncos. Last October, Charles was signed to the Jacksonville Jaguars, but was released from the team just two weeks later.


  1. It was nice to see Jamaal get the Escalades for being a great running back.

  2. You can’t get on the field because of injuries, they will forget about you.
    Take the money you were paid for not playing got two years and go away.
    Hall of fame? LOL

  3. Well, he did fumble the ball in the 2015 home game against denver that led to us losing and not being the number one seed in the there's that, I guess


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