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Posted just because once again you guys are taking yourselves way too seriously, we want to take part in the horrid "delet this" meme and because all of the criticism about this place seems a lot more entertaining than the food offerings . . .

Check the description . . .

"National Award-Winning Chef and TV Personality Guy Fieri recently stopped by his brand new Dive & Taco Joint in Kansas City, MO. The first-of-its-kind venue opened earlier this year in the Power & Light District."

Take a look:

You decide . . .


  1. Who the hell invited the fat slob of KC? If the dump lasts longer than Glazers place I'll be very surprised. The food isn't that great for the prices charged.

  2. ^^The same person who invited you to comment, you fat tub of shit!!!!

  3. Oh and who invited you 2:30? I invited dave but sure didn't invite you!

  4. It's DELETE not DELET . The spelling sucks as bad as the overpriced food

  5. ^^^^^Ummm stupid he makes fun of it but clearly reading comprehension is not your strong point. Saying stupid stuff is.


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