Thursday, April 04, 2019

Fight For Banner Kansas Statehouse Protest

Call it free speech concerns against public disturbance issues. Here's the start of the debate. Take a peek:

ACLU files lawsuit on behalf of banner-displaying K-State students

The American Civil Liberties Union of Kansas has filed a lawsuit on behalf of three Kansas State University students who were detained and banned from the Statehouse after displaying massive banners in a protest last month.The lawsuit contends Statehouse authorities imposed impermissible restraint on political expression protected by the First Amendment by detaining the students and telling them they couldn't return for a year.


Anonymous said...

The ACLU is probably right that the legislature can't ban specific protesters for a year. What the state should have done is put them in jail for a year and tell them they can protest there to their hearts' content.

Anonymous said...

5:00pm. How about a year in jail for TKC commenters who protest the protesters first amendment rights.

Anonymous said...

751 - Your first amendment rights do not include defacing public or private property.