Conservatives across the nation continue to target struggling newspaper chains and the Kansas City paper isn't alone in coping with harsh times.

Remember the local birdcage liner is still struggling to negotiate a local defamation case settlement for a Kansas conservative.

And now . . .

Here's more trouble and an even bigger dollar amount confronting the paper chain in the midst of fending off aggressive buying from a hedge fund . . .


NYT: Rep. Devin Nunes Sues McClatchy Newspaper Chain, Alleging ‘Character Assassination’

Fox News: Nunes files $150M lawsuit against McClatchy, alleging conspiracy to derail Clinton, Russia probes

It gets worse . . .

A KICK-ASS TKC READER offer us perceptive on the rapidly declining subscriptions of this dead-tree media biz.


"Between Sept of 2018 and Dec. of 2018, the paper's circulation went down over 7,000. From Dec. 2017 to Dec. 2018 it dropped almost 21,000. They're now at an all-time low of 97,376."

Fourth quarter of 2018

Monday thru Friday average print circ, 64,718.
Saturday average print circ, 59,953.

For comparison . . . here's 4th quarter of 2017

Monday thru Friday average print circ 76,853.
Saturday average print circ 71,210.

And so Kansas City dead-tree media continues to struggle not only declining interest from the public but also right-wing legal push back.

Developing . . .


  1. As pathetic as they might be, KC would be in worse shape without a newspaper. For those with the means, this would be a great time to go buy a digital subscription and help at least keep one more news service local instead of just letting facebook and twitter aggretate a bunch of garbage.

    1. Democracy dies in the dark.

      KC should support the paper. I just wish they had better people promoting their cause. The current crew is so entrenched that they seem angry when they talk about selling more subscriptions or taking on more advertisers. They are not an ad firm, they need to hire one.

    2. No.



  2. ^^^^ lame and untrue.

    A city without a paper is not really a city.

    We support the Chiefs & Royals. And the KC Star already gets tax breaks. KCMO should buy the newspaper to make sure that we always have this resource.

    1. ^^^ Actually that might work.

      And if it didn't, the newspaper would be broke inside of a month so it wouldn't matter anyway.

  3. KCMO run a newspaper?


    What a laugh. They might be able to put out one issue a year.

  4. Nunes has become s paranoid head case. Hell he's even suing Twitter brcause he doesn't like some things people tweeted about him. Apparently he's forgotten that he swore to defend the Constitution and that includes the 1st Amendment.

    "Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean somebody's not after you"
    Joseph Heller--Catch 22

    1. Paranoid head case, like believing a huge fake conspiracy for two years kind of head case or

  5. ^^^ Good call.

  6. Tony - what is your daily 'circulation'?

  7. When this generation of geezers die off, so does the paper. Both can't come soon enough.

  8. Jeez, you bastards are negative.

    KC needs the star if only because it's the only place to find some decent restaurant news that isn't purchased. Credit to a great reporter, Joyce Smith does a heck of a job!

  9. "NYT: Rep. Devin Nunes Sues McClatchy Newspaper Chain, Alleging ‘Character Assassination’"

    In order to have a character assassination, wouldn't Nunes have to have character?

    1. We wouldn't know if our only source of news about it was leftist hack propaganda.

  10. Traffic Light4/9/19, 4:08 PM

    Surprised that a vibrant town, like KCMO, that is moving forward with momentum has a daily lame stream media paper that is failing.

  11. So what if the Star fails. Kansas City is doing the same so they both can get flushed down the river together. Both are failures doomed to fail by those leading it.

  12. Best socialist clown show in the country. With a murder rate to boot. It's no wonder trends have shifted and people are moving everywhere else but KCMO and avoiding it like the plague.

  13. Who the hell reads the Kansas City Star only clowns read this piece of s*** newspaper. The decades this paper has been one-sided lied to its readers embed very biased. I wonder it took this long before people woke up and started suing to stand up for the rights of being slandered a paper that's not worth the bottom of its bird cage. that's the why it's bleeding red ink because people are waking up two Kansas cities trashy papers that's just like the national enquirer.

  14. The red star is bow tie the clown sLIE, why do you think he gives them money? To support his agenda that’s why. To answer that idiot who thought the city should run the red star just think who would be the only contributor.... gopher boi aka Chris hernandez, nobody can stand him now let alone seeing his rah rah speeches in the paper too, bad enough the loser comes on the only good news site left and tries to pander his bullshit, absolutely disgusting

  15. If there is a big enough demand for local news, something will take the Star's place. I've enjoyed the sports reporting and a few of the comic strips, but the national and local news stories are all spin, while the columnists and editorials are so predictably leftist cant that it's not worth the time it takes to read them.

    I would pay money for a paper or on-line journal that reports news fully and objectively. The Star is not that.

  16. Professor Crackske4/9/19, 5:01 PM

    Never fear we will find some way to amuse and entertain!

  17. Nobody needs the star, it became partisan political years ago and thus became irrelevant to half the population of the city. Perhaps another outlet will move in to take its place. I haven’t read the star in 15 years.

  18. Breaking just now:

    4 people shot in kcmo. 5300 block of Michigan Avenue

  19. ^^^ Never a dull moment in Sly's Killa' Shitty

  20. They keep adding unnecessary expense by adding to the editorial board.
    The editorials alienate readers.
    The anger causes cancellations.
    Expense causes more loss. Yet they continue.
    It is Einstein’s definition of insanity.

    Their only hopes:

    1. All digital
    2. Abolish editorial board
    3. Liquidate the building
    4. Apologize for the slanted reporting
    5. Actually answer the phones in America
    6. No bonuses over $5,000.
    7. Hire college students
    8. Hire the most qualified
    9. Give up any tax breaks to show total impartiality
    10. Eliminate 3 tiers of management
    Bonus: Elimination of photographers. Accept only readers.

  21. When the lead advertising for the Star in your local convenience store is for how much the coupons in the Sunday paper will save you at the grocery store, the end cannot be far off.
    Clean-up in aisle six!

  22. We All new this day was coming. And the MCCLATCHY Reporters Helped Destroy the Paper. Warren Buffett should Look into Purchasing the Star. The Sports Reporting is Great. The Star went to Far Left and Socialist .Many Liberals Don't Read the Star .They like to Watch NBC and CNN NEWS AND THERE ARE few on Tony's Kansas City. And it is inlighting,to Read there comments .We Need a Great Regional News Paper that is Independent. There is no money for Great Reporting. Socialism KILLED THE NEWSPAPER STAR.

  23. Yes, Retro, yes,
    and Video Killed The Radio Star
    now calm down, swallow your pill -
    there, there, that's better, isn't it?

  24. Nunes is a complete dipshit.

  25. ^^^ Says Hillary's biggest ass kisser.

  26. Lots of people shilling for the star in here, which is weird. The sooner it dies off the better. That way something that actually speaks to the citizens and isn't out of touch can take its place


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