Wednesday, April 03, 2019


Highlight on this revenue scheme rightfully called out by a local politico . . . A sign of the times and a glimpse at one of many people disappointed after the latest election. Take a look:

Independence smart meter vote 'mockery of democracy'

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Smart meters will soon be installed all across Independence. It's a roughly $30 million decision that the City Council voted against two weeks ago. On Monday, in a stunning reversal, councilman Curt Dougherty reintroduced the motion to hire Core & Main to install the smart meters.


Anonymous said...

The word “smart” does not belong in the same sentence as Independence. They are inbred and corrupt. The mayor does have big tits, though.

Anonymous said...

So many frightening indicators with the Independence elected officials and administration...please help us with the prosecution and removal of the people behind all of it. And the involvement of the "First Family" in city government needs to be monitored and put under strict control. We have no doubt whatsoever that they situation is far, far worse than we realize.

Anonymous said...

Eileen does have some nice big luscious titties.

Anonymous said...

It is motor boatin’ season.