Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Cowtown Keepsake Market: Kansas City Country Club Plaza Doob Pop-Up Debuts

A glimpse at new temp gigs for this toy and/or voodoo doll that's crafted by way of new 3d modeling tech. Take a look:

Doob 3D aims to capitalize on 'mecca for foot traffic' with Plaza pop-up

If you build it, they will come. More than a quote from the 1989 blockbuster, "Field of Dreams" - the seven word mantra is what's pushing to embrace the curve balls of exposing Kansas City to new technology and pinch hit with a new pop-up location on the Country Club Plaza, said Nick Nikkhah.


Anonymous said...

PLEASE quit giving free publicity to this very bad scheme by Sylvester James' son.

It's a STUPID concept. People do not want/need little miniature figurines, or at least not sane mentally-balanced people.

There's a reason they failed at Oak Park Mall.

Anonymous said...

Nodbody is buying that Doob shit.

Dumb concept with a dumber name.

Not gonna happen for them.