Friday, April 26, 2019

Cowtown Cheerleaders Spinning Stagnant Kansas City Population Bust

To REALLY put things in perspective, hottie Jordan Carver has more social media followers than KC has residents . . .

And so, here's one more peek at other cities passing up this town in terms of growth as all of the local talk about "momentum" doesn't jibe with big picture data.


This growth brings our 14-county metro population to a total of 2,143,651, making us the 31st largest metro in the U.S. Last year, Kansas City was the 30th largest, but Austin, Texas, pulled ahead by adding 53,086 residents.

Within the metro, Johnson County saw the most growth between 2017 and 2018, followed by Clay, Jackson, Platte and Cass counties. These five counties accounted for 96 percent of the metro’s growth.

Check the spin:

The Kansas City Metro Posts Solid Population Growth

Check the chart and notice that Oklahoma City is gaining on us and threatens to pass this town in the next year.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

You can be sure the Jackson County growth is coming from Lee's Summit and Blue Springs.

Anonymous said...

What would these stats say if they used the generally accepted nine county metro area instead of this new "14 county" metro area. We likely would not be over 2m in population. We likely would have less than .8% growth.

Austin is a five county metro FYI. Its kicking our ass. Thanks Sly, Quinn, and Jolie.

Anonymous said...


After word spread that I'd struck a lode in the nearby hills, Jordan invited me to visit her "watering hole"!!!

Anonymous said...

Jordan has a nice big ol set of titties. I’d screw her hard and deep.

Anonymous said...

^^^ No you wouldn't, you'd beat your pud on the Internet.

Anonymous said...

Fourteen county metropolitan area? Do they consider Topeka and Sedalia part of the Metro?

Anonymous said...

Dallas/Ft Worth added 131,767 people in one year!?! how the fuck did that happen?

Guess being pro business and no state income tax probably didn't hurt

Reality Speaker said...

So we're not the largest, nor most populated city. Who cares?

I wish the city administration simply cared about QUALITY OF LIFE, INFRASTRUCTURE THAT WORKS and quit wasting taxpayer money on things that do not enhance our residing in KC.

Just because it's BIGGER seldom means it's BETTER.

Do you want a Porsche or an Edsel?

We should worry about our own needs instead of trying to compete with other cities.

Anonymous said...

In 1957, when the A’s moved here, KC metro was the 17th largest metro in the U,S,

.What happened to turn us into 33? Thank you Hallmark, JoCo, KC Star and Chamber of Commerce!!

Grip Madlock said...

More like 10 buses a day of border jumpers.