Thursday, April 18, 2019

Council Ruckus In Kansas City Tonight!!!

The GOLD STANDARD of Kansas City discourse drills down to the neighborhood level and offers an in-depth conversation on a bevy of issues that should concern informed voters.

A description of the talk . . .

Mike Shanin talks to Brandon Ellington about his bid to become the city councilman for Kansas City's 3rd District At-Large. Mary Anne Murray Simons, Crosby Kemper III, Lisa Johnston and Steve Mirakian discuss some of the key issues in the city council races including affordable housing, crime and tax incentives, available Kansas City hotel space outpacing occupancy rates and the Mueller Report."

Take a look:

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

The council races have been really low key this year, there was some trouble with sign stealing but that only got a day before election story. Not sure there will be much interest until the votes get close but I was disappointed that the 4th wasn't really competitive at all.

Anonymous said...

Key issues in council races?

Bid rigging. That's the only thing that makes the position worthwhile.

Joby said...

Missed opportunity to make Mary O'Halloran answer questions about the Mueller report. Would have been worth watching her trying to spin and spin.

Cgc said...

The Jolie team wins. Count on Bunch and Bough to win as well and we can FINALLY get something accomplished in Kc. Think about it.

Anonymous said...

"Should concern informed voters".
Three of the words in that sentence have nothing at all to do with KCMO elections.
Hint: It's not the word "should".
It never changes.

Anonymous said...

Where is that airhead Sweeney at ?

Anonymous said...

Look at all those geezers.

KCPT Geezer Broadcasting Network said...

Who farted?

Anonymous said...

This show is a waste of taxpayer money.

Super Dave said...

Why is it when I watch Ruckus I'm reminded of the Muppet Show?

Anonymous said...


Where people primarily from Kansas, discuss the social ills of KCMO, which cause them to not reside there.

Host Mike Shanin -- KANSAS resident
Dr. Lisa Johnston -- KANSAS resident
R. Crosby Kemper 3 -- KCMO resident
Mary Anne Murray Simons -- KANSAS resident
Steve Mirakian -- KANSAS resident

KCMO political leaders (Sylvester James, Jolie Justus, Troy Schulte) COLLUDED with Burns and McDonnell to award them the largest KC public infrastructure project in city history.

James, Justus, and Schulte worked to obstruct the fair and legal process of putting projects out to bid. All 3 sold themselves like prostitutes, while selling out their constituents, their oaths of office, and their colleagues.

Currently, the 3 criminals are working together to elect Jolie Justus as Mayor.

Do you want to know why so many people who appear on Ruckus are residents of Kansas?
It's because KCMO is a corrupt, overly-taxed, grossly inefficient bastion of Democratic Party petty criminals.

Anonymous said...

Nothing against his opponent, but I hope Ellington wins the 3d district at large race. Seems like a substance over symbolism guy. Plus he got along with everyone in Jeff city.