Costly Kansas City Westport Gun Rights Crackdown Starts This Weekend

So far this effort hasn't really prevented violence and it's costing Westport bar biz a small fortune because of mandatory monitoring fees paid to anti-crime groups. Read more:

Westport KC adds to security screenings for 2019 season

In 2018, Westport rolled out new security measures for patrons entering its entertainment district. From 11 p.m. to 3 a.m. Fridays and Saturdays, guests are asked to empty their pockets, show their ID and walk through a metal detector.


  1. Don't care, never go there.

  2. Lot of irony here folks!
    Many many many extra Police to protect a known area that is known for violence.
    This strategy leaves open other known areas known for violence.
    “Better to protect businesses than neighborhoods”.

    With strategies like this- look for very very very high crime- with per capita murders chasing the likes of a very Liberal Chicago.
    Hope the next mayor concentrates on crime an not :
    1. Bow Ties
    2. Streetcars that rely on 1800-style overhead electric lines.
    3. Free transportation for the rich on same toy trains
    4. Making the very very poor pay for buses
    5. Makes jokes about pot holes by not paying people who damage their cars
    6. Getting kids in school even earlier- takes away from family time (does he hate families?)
    7. Double dip and do arbitration cases. What’s your record Sly?
    8. Collosal airport voter misrepresentation

    Arguably the worst mayor KC has ever had...ever.

  3. Sly “crime”James legacy:

    KC has a 128% higher than compared to the national average. Specifically regarding violent crimes in Kansas City, MO, the rate is 225% higher than compared to the Missouri average, and 350% higher than when paralleled to the national average.

    What a legacy! Bow Ties, arbitration and 1800-style streetcars that are free for the rich!


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