Monday, April 08, 2019


The audit is moving forward, here's the official word from grassroots activists:

This is an unmitigated victory for the citizens of Clay County who have demanded this audit. Furthermore, even if the County *had* properly followed the administrative remedies as they were supposed to, the judge's order says they would not have won on the merits of their claim. This legal wrangling was a clear waste of taxpayer money going towards additional unjustified legal fees. They need to stop paying their crony-lawyer-friends, and start cooperating with the audit.

For a Better Clay County,

Jason H. Withington

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Will be watching closely. Nolte for president.

Anonymous said...

Buh-bye Luanne, buh-bye Gene -
piss away more and more taxpayers money trying to stay put of jail, but the end is nigh!

Wonder how you two look in orange jumpsuits?
Guess we'll soon know.

Anonymous said...

The court what? The outside audit is about done, thus, the 2018 records are hasta lavista, baby. Audit what ? Another great chess move by Ridgeway. It’s amateur hour with the Chief Petitioner, again. But go ahead and celebrate that yah, the county bought an expensive coffee pot and hired too many lawyers. Where’s the crime? Next time, Chief Petitioner have your twin post for you, oh wait, he hates you too.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Tony for free speech and bringing citizen attention to this matter!

Anonymous said...

So is what 11:00pm (Luanne? Gene?) saying is that those two Commissioners and their accomplices are destroying all records as soon as their pet Auditors sign off?

And then the post asks where the "criminality" is?

Damn the Clay County Residents are getting tired of this arrogance and disdain for openness and honesty.

Anonymous said...

This court order needs some teeth to it. Missouri State Troopers need to collect the County records for the Auditor.

The Truth Matters said...

Problem with large legal fees is when lawyers are making contributions back to officeholders. Check commissioner finance reports and you will find no evidence of LuAnn and Owen lawyer contributions.
Check Nolte contributions and note first contribution in 2014 was $5,000 from a Clay Co developer.
Nolte's October 11, 2018, meeting featured a lecture on TIF from this developer.
Nolte has been leading the effort to create controversy in order to discredit the other officeholders in the hope that the others can be easily defeated.
Check the background of Nolte's first contributor and you will find convincing evidence of criminal activity. Note multiple linked arson fires in Clay and Jackson County.
What does TKC think of 2003 Schutte Lumber Co fire on SW Boulevard being linked to two arson fires at Porter lumber company properties?

Anonymous said...

All 10:45 is really saying is that Luanne and Owen probably lied on their financial reports too!