Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Clay County Stalling Tactics Called Out

The Missouri Auditor proves activists right with this stunning rebuke of the embattled local government body. Read more:

Missouri Auditor: Clay County stalling tactics 'treading new ground'

The state audit that began in December continues in Clay County, in spite of what the Missouri Auditor calls continuous stalling. About 9,000 county residents signed a petition that was circulated by a group called Citizens for a Better Clay County. They are asking the state auditor's office to take a close look at financial records.


Anonymous said...

Two County Commissioners using the best Legal Minds YOUR TAX MONEY can rent to keep any oversight of their covert actions from happening!

"Where there's smoke, there's fire" doesn't even begin to cover this pair's shenanigans, we'd have to say "Where there's THIS MUCH smoke, there must be a Flippin' INFERNO"!

Anonymous said...

I sit on a city council in Jackson County.. so I have followed the clay county debacle.

When you vote in an executive session that doesn’t conform to requirements of the sunshine law, you too are guilt even if you voted NO.

You are also guilty if you approved expenditures not properly bid out.

Three commissioners should be concerned, not just whomever the evil two are as referenced above.

Anonymous said...

@7:02 Jackson County has a city council?

Anonymous said...

Reading comprehension 9:15...it will save you many stupid questions.

Anonymous said...

the auditor will nail their asses to the cross

Anonymous said...

Nolte has been promoting all the controversy at the behest of a developer who wants to regain control of Clay County.
Nolte's first contribution in 2014 was $5,000 from the developer. Millions of dollars in TIF and other incentives are at stake. Nolte's October 11, meeting featured a lecture on TIF from this developer. Nolte has been leading the effort to create controversy in order to discredit the other officeholders in the hope that the others can be easily defeated. Check the background of Nolte's first contributor and you will find convincing evidence of criminal activity. Note multiple linked arson fires in Clay and Jackson
County. Mikey Sanders corruptly declined to prosecute Nolte's patron for his involvement in the Schutte Lumber yard, $8 million arson fire in 2003. Developer also torched two of his own lumberyard fires.