Monday, April 15, 2019

Clay County Hot Mess Continues

Grassroots activists slap-fight with their political leaders in the Northland sandbox . . . A sordid mess that chased away most voters from the ballot box. Take a look:

Missouri auditor: Clay County audit continues

State Auditor Nicole Galloway continues to push for a citizen-requested audit of Clay County, Missouri, nearly three months after the County Commission filed a lawsuit against her.Galloway spoke to KMBC 9 Investigates at her Kansas City office on Monday, a week after a judge denied the county's request for a preliminary injunction to prevent Galloway from issuing subpoenas and demanding other information for a citizen-demanded state audit.


Anonymous said...

What's the next Ridgeway/Owens legal (very, very expensive legal) step to try to stop this Audit and cover up their misdeeds going to be?

The Clay County Taxpayers who are financing their desperate efforts want to know!

Anonymous said...

chased away most voters from the ballot box? Really? The last midterm and municipal elections were double what they were 4 years ago.

Registered Voters 156269 - Cards Cast 52396 33.53%

Registered Voters 157619 - Cards Cast 10956 6.95%

Registered Voters 169,747 - Total Ballots 111,923 : 65.94%

Registered Voters 159,902 - Total Ballots 97,710 : 61.11%

Registered Voters 157,781 - Total Ballots 21,057 : 13.35%

Anonymous said...

^^^ Voter registrations jumped 12,128 for the 2016 Elections, then turned around and dropped 9,845 by the 2018 elections?

Sure looks like "voter fraud" in 2016 doesn't it?

No wonder so many Republicans "won"!

Anonymous said...

^^^^republican voter fraud??? Is that why McCaskill and Galloway both won Clay County? Also, in the last 4 years the Republican's have lost the county's state senate seat and 2 house seats.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ No, that's why a life-long Democrat ran the best Con of his career (so far) and got the gullible idiots in the GOP to use the gerrymandered voter suppression they spent hundred$ of million$ setting up to get him into the White House.