City Hall Decides Ward Parkway Joggers More Important Than The Rest Of Kansas City

We've been talking about this for a week and finally the newspaper plays catch-up. Checkit:

Ward Parkway pothole repairs ahead of Rock the Parkway run | The Kansas City Star

Pothole repairs on Ward Parkway in Kansas City are expected to wrap up this week. That will be just in time for the Rock the Parkway run Saturday. The route roughly follows a loop on Ward Parkway from 56th Street to Wornall Road, with a slight jog around Loose Park.


  1. I would like to announce the Topping Avenue Run. It will be held, rain or shine, a week from this weekend from St. John Avenue to Independence Avenue on Topping. City, please take note.

  2. The City just doesn't give a fuck about the rest of KC. It's a City in shambles and the dolts on the City Council and within City Management could not care less. The infrastructure continues to crumble before our eyes yet they've already moved on to another TIF or back-room deal. Damn cuckolds.

    1. ....and yet it’s an incredibly vibrant town. Weird.

    2. World-class Cowtown. Y'all come back now, ya hear?4/8/19, 9:07 PM

      Vibrant=Debt burdened ratio that's headed toward bankruptcy

      Momentum=Ranked #5 nationally for murder

      Frosty=Failed maintenance of infrastructures

      Smart City=Undesirable low-performing public schools

      Affordable Housing=For the cronies & TIF takers, most of them, residing in the far-flung zip codes

      Downtown Diversity=From Lux One Light/Two Light, RiverFront and more---To Dollar Houses, homeless camps, and tramps riding that free toy train for warming and cooling


  3. Did anyone get their survey today in the mail?? I did and I gave KC failing grades, so if you get one be sure and take it just so you can show everyone what you think, I doubt it will do any good but take it anyway.

  4. 4:33, that must be all of a quarter mile! Surely it's a run/walk?


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