Saturday, April 06, 2019

Celebrate More Kansas City Pothole Promises

Check the latest local propaganda happy news from TV news repeating more local government hype that hasn't convinced residents who drive on old & busted streets every day . . . On the bright side, the nicest homes of the 1% on Ward Parkway were the first to earn a street fix . . . Because fairness and Democracy are mostly illusions. Take a look:

Work crews filling thousands of potholes

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Road and public works crews have begun permanent patches to the thousands of potholes across roadways and highways in the metro area. The city of Kansas City says crews are working six days a week, and have filled 35,000 potholes already this spring, and used tons of asphalt.

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Anonymous said...

There is a continuous two block long "potchasm" on North Campbell that runs from NE 44th Street to NE 43rd, and has been untouched for at least four years.

During that time, the 40-46 Neighborhood Association has repeatedly contacted the City (I know of 23 "case numbers" than have been assigned), as well as both Councilpersons (4th District, Justus and Shields) and the Mayor's Office.

Of course, this is a location north of the River, where there are negligible City Services (except for Tax Collection), the longest Police, Fire and Ambulance response times in the City, and an attitude of complete disregard on the part of all City employees, so I guess nothing different should reasonably be expected.

We don't ask for anything other than the same levels of service provided to every location south of the River, despite the fact that a disproportionate portion (63% of revenues from 38% of the population) of the City's income comes from the Northland.