This week Google announced a major artsy web project kicking off with Kansas City. Here's video supporting the project chronicling a great many people, places and trends across Kansas City . . . Agree or not, there's no doubt this is a MAJOR DISTRACTION and PR HIGHLIGHT directing attention away from this town's EPIC murder count as the 5th most dangerous city in the nation. Take a look:

"From burnt ends to bebop, get a sneak peak of what makes Kansas City - the heart of America - so special. Check out our video series on some of the people and places of Kansas City."

Kansas City: Smoke Rings and the Finer Things

The extended clip . . .

"Jazz is at the heart of Kansas City’s rich music heritage. Watch saxophonist Ernest Melton get his groove on in the birthplace of bebop and Charlie Parker."

"Kansas City is famous for BBQ. Learn why with Jerry Rauschelbach, pitmaster of the legendary Arthur Bryant’s BBQ joint."

"Every city in America has an Irish pub. Discover what makes Kelly’s Westport Inn in Kansas City so special, from its history to its strong community, with 3rd generation co-owner Colleen Kelly."

"From east to west and north to south, styles and sub-genres of rap music depend on where you are in America. Check out Kansas City rap with Aaron Alexander, a local hip hop artist."

"We love Kansas City BBQ, but the city’s culinary scene has far more to offer. Discover chefs Megan and Colby Garrelts’ vision for modern Midwestern fare at their fine dining restaurant, Bluestem."

"Art is connected to music is connected to history. Find out where in Kansas City local expressionist painter Harold Smith, gets his inspiration from."

"Kansas City is the first project on Google Arts & Culture dedicated entirely to an American city, its people and stories, its past and present. In partnership with 15 local institutions, discover what defines Kansas City today."

Developing . . .


  1. Of course we don’t pay attention to our murder rate. We’re doing pretty well. We only have 36 murders. Baltimore has 71. Our record murders by year was established in 1993 so we are doing a lot better for the last 25 years.

  2. Let me correct what the lady said, “a lot of people are trapped here because of the murders and ginormous potholes and broken down bridges” there’s no escaping people, we’re stuck in ground hog day, it’s really more like hell than anything.

    But gopher boi will come on here and ignore the pleas of the citizens and try to make people believe that this is the greatest city on earth when in fact it’s a shit hole and he refuses to admit it, sLIE has ruined this city. The video is stupid too.

  3. 6:41 it’ll be 37 when they take that teenager off life support that got shot in the head yesterday on 63rd.

  4. Why didn’t they put all the ballon releases and memorial crosses in the video? That’s really who kc is now. Missed opportunity right there.

  5. Google helping KCMO try to recover from failed "open spaces" event.

  6. This will be like porn for Gopher KC. I can see him getting misty and running into the arms of his big chocolate daddy!

  7. Gopher Casey4/6/19, 7:54 AM

    This kind of fluff piece is mainly just to cater to the people who live on the Kansas side of the metro, and maybe north of the river. They think everything is great, Kansas City just one big utopia. For them , I guess it's hard to see past the front end of your Range Rover, or outside of your neighborhood bubble of beige cookie-cutter houses.


  8. Pretty sure the people north of the river and on the Kansas side see what Kansas City has become and a lot of them don't come here anymore. There's more things to do than to come into Kansas City, and people know that. After all you can't even drive on the streets anymore, and the Plaza doesn't have anything you can't get in the burbs even the atmosphere is gone on the Plaza. I know a few people in midtown who drive Range Rovers, maybe it's them who can't see past the concrete jungle.

  9. Was never reimbursed by google for all the damage they did to our property putting in those high techy fiberistic over head wires on telephone poles.

  10. Art that blows indeed.

  11. Welcome to Killa' City.. A Sly James Jolie Justus Production4/6/19, 9:10 AM

    Free ice cream and rainbow bunny yard signs?

  12. It's being marketed wrong. We should plug the potholes as the worlds greatest "street art".

    And the rest of the crumbling infrastructure as a "canvas for the creatives"

  13. Why don’t they do a video on living in Leawood, Prairie Village, or south OP? You know....the better parts of the metro. Where queer culture isn’t shoved in your face, the police do pretty good at keeping trouble away, better roads, low crime, etc

  14. I live North of the river. Haven't been across the f-----g bridge for over two years. Everything, including dining and entertainment, is available here.

    I now carry often due to shit starting to worsen over here.

    Used to go to Westport. No longer. Can't believe I used to go down on Troost to listen to good music. Those days are gone. MLK, what a sad joke.

  15. If they truly wanted to honor the life of Charlie Parker, they should dig up his corpse out of that pauper cemetery and entomb him in a place of honor
    The navy did that exact same thing with the body of John Paul jones


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