Cash Questions Emerge As Jackson County Doggie Shelter Deadline Coming Soon

IMPORTANT news about a another nice doggie topic THAT THREATENS TO COST A LOT OF MONEY and might need another bail out. Credit for community news for keeping this story in the headlines given the impact on taxpayers overall. Checkit:

Animal shelter deadline draws nearer

About halfway through the countdown until Great Plains SPCA exits as operator, not much is definite about the future of Jackson County's Regional Animal Shelter.Three months after Great Plains announced it had given its six-month notice to stop operating the shelter in eastern Independence, citing financial constraints, city and county officials say they continue to negotiate on the shelter's status come mid-July.The Examiner asked to speak with Mark Trosen, Jackson County's deputy chief


  1. The Stooges of City Hall4/13/19, 3:37 PM

    Another nice mess Sly and crew got us into.

  2. All this to kill unwanted pitbulls. A backhoe and a .22 could do it all a lot cheaper.

  3. Go ahead and build it. If not enough money, just sock it to the taxpayers again. Sort of like airport, toy train etc. Momentum is important. Turbidity is welcome because we can justify another HUGE water bond scam.

  4. Can you say disgenuine bait and switch.....

  5. The public played like a Banjo again.......


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