Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Caring For Kansas City LGBTQ Community

Fundraising note reveals big money denizens in this community putting their resources to good use by dedicated time and cash for this good cause as the social safety net often isn't enough. Take a look:

The Bloom Party is helping fund affordable healthcare for KC's low-income and LGBTQ community

Courtesy of KC CARE Sixteen years ago, a group of generous, influential gay men in Kansas City decided they were tired of mourning the loss of friends dying from AIDS.


Anonymous said...

Low income I get, low morals I dont.

Anonymous said...

As long as it's not using taxpayer monies of any form I'm okay with this. The minute a penny of public funds is used for healthcare can it should be abolished.

Anonymous said...

When did a group of queers become "community". Aren't they just a "bunch" of queers?