Campus Carry Stops College Sex Crime???

A scathing critique of a recent argument from Missouri lawmakers . . . A nicer way to note the complexities of sex assault at University that's most often committed by trusted acquaintances:

"Guns Can't Protect College Ladies From A Broken Heart."

On the other hand, creepers who know that a lady is packing heat might/should second guess any unwanted advances.

Here's a worthwhile counterpoint:

Missouri Legislators Claim Conceal-Carry on Campus Will Help Women. Bullshit

click to enlarge Republicans really make no damn sense. They're always saying that they want less government and more freedom, but they seem to take every opportunity to twist, strengthen and invent entirely new laws to force on private citizens and institutions. Take, for example, what happened in the Missouri House last night with House Bill 575.


  1. Bullshit. Who’s stupid enough to go after a woman carrying a gun


  2. Give me a break democrats are the ones who forced laws on us. Things like we all had to pay for some bitch's abortion whether we liked it or not. That's only one of many. For educators to pack a gun is what they need to do things aren't exactly safe anywhere anymore. I pack a gun, switchblade, stun gun, and pepper spray where ever I go. Get used to it.

  3. She's living in a fantasy world where people are safer when they can't defend themselves. Kansas universities lecture halls are not flooded with rivers of blood. People have a right to exercise their rights everywhere. Campus's are not so special you have to leave the constitution OR your brain at the door. Better you have the chance to defend yourself than to make college university campus's safe for rapists.


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