Building The New Jackson County Jail

Given that the U.S. still locks up more people than any other place in the world, it makes no sense to ignore the prison industrial complex for fun and profit.

Also, many of our readers support the effort to MOVE THE JACKSON COUNTY JAIL OUT OF DOWNTOWN.

Here's a note on the start of work . . .

Jackson County issues Request for Proposals seeking Owner’s Representative for new jail project

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – The Jackson County Jail Working Group is pleased to announce that the County has issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) seeking Owner’s Representative services for the project development of a new jail facility to hold state level pre-trial and sentenced inmates.

Members of the group – Jackson County Executive Frank White, Jr., Chair of the Jackson County Legislature Theresa Galvin and Jackson County Sheriff Darryl Forté – collectively decided to engage the services of an experienced Owner’s Representative to assist county officials in the construction of a new jail.

The Owner’s Representative will have primary management, oversight and collaborative responsibility for the development of a new jail, including planning, site selection/acquisition, design, construction, commissioning and occupancy. The Owner’s Representative will work under the direction of the County Project Manager as well as assist the jail working group. Additionally, the Owner’s Representative will be tasked with facilitating open communications with county officials, stakeholders and most importantly, community members.

Following a competitive process and contract negotiations, the County’s Evaluation Committee will make its recommendation to the County Legislature for approval. The County anticipates that the process could result in contract negotiations with the successful respondent beginning as early as July. In accordance with state law, the contract will be award to the lowest and best bidder.

A copy of the Request for Proposal, No. 17-19, can be found on the Jackson County Website.

Developing . . .


  1. In accordance with state law, the contract will be award to the lowest and best bidder.

    LOL let the caravans in were going to need all the cheap labor we can get.

  2. Forte ever collect his half million in overtime?

  3. Put it in the caves.

  4. How do bike lanes on armour cost 700,000

  5. Wyatt Earp, Dodge City4/12/19, 12:24 PM

    If just 10% of the black population were to start behaving themselves our prison populations would be cut in half.

  6. ^^and if just 10% of our geezer population would drop dead, we could save social security!

    1. ^^and if just 100% of the Gayzer population would pay as much into social security as they spend on time petty bitching, plus seeking and doing sicko sex, they would have more than enough invested for their SS benefits.

  7. ^^^^^^What, just for you? See how that makes you such an ass? You want it there for you but you don't want anyone else to have it who has paid into it. Go suck worms out of the ground you loser.


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