Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Biz Postscript After The Sundry Stays Losing At Embattled Westport Plexpod

A conversation about the goals of this project along with a glimpse at some of the challenges the local startup scene confront when trying to setup shop in the urban core. Checkit:

'This is the end of The Sundry' - Sustainable food problem remains after startup's closing

The Sundry market-and-restaurant concept at Plexpod Westport Commons simply wasn't solving the problems of scope and scale within sustainable and local agriculture as intended, said Ryan Wing. Ultimately, that meant the venture itself couldn't continue as originally envisioned, added Wing, founder of the sustainable food startup, which abruptly closed to the public last week.


Anonymous said...

To much competition and market saturation in the food biz and not enough disposable consumer money (or credit cards) they will be all dropping like flies the next few years.

Anonymous said...

"Solving the problems of scope and scale within sustainable and local agriculture".
And also not solving the problem of generating more revenue than the operation has bills to pay.
Another diversity history major playing at being an "entrepreneur" fades away.
If only the place was on THE streetcar line so they could go to city hall and get a bailout.

Anonymous said...

What a douchebag. He couldn't pay the fucking rent.

Anonymous said...

It's the trendiness of it all that led to its demise. I seldom trust someone who says they buy all local. Even at farmers markets, from insider knowledge, there are guys that go down to amish country buy a truck load of c grade produce and bring it back here to sell. Is it still local yesish, but I don't like the total bs that comes with it. Like the sundry, I don't mind a $15 small lunch sandwich from time to time. But I don't buy the bs behind the high price.

Anonymous said...

“This is the end of The Sundry,” he said of the operation he created with a goal to help create a more sustainable food system in America — one that addresses underlying, critical issues of accessibility and affordability.

“But these remain problems that ultimately have to be solved,” Wing continued. “It sounds redundant, but ‘unsustainable’ means unsustainable. It doesn’t matter if we want to change these things, they literally must be changed.”

**charges $30.00 for a hot dog

Anonymous said...

Think Big Empty, Crossroads tech firms barely getting by, Sundry impacted.

It is getting harder and harder to believe the sunshine drivel pumped by the James administration that they are somehow a paragon of geniuses making
great tech companies.

The interesting thing is they are held to almost no measures, or required
results reporting to evaluate if what is touted is actually being achieved. You can assume it is not or they would be yelling from on high their achievements.

They have almost nothing. The non profit circle jerk of pretend is running out of gas. Time for Scorecard KC with hard metrics. That might hurt their precious streetcar advocate narrative, so it will never happen. How does the Star not even hold them to any standard. Well Sly doesn't do his business in the streets, what kind of comment was that anyway.