Back To Basics In KCMO General Election?!?

The season of cowtown political promises continues as two politicos who voted YES on just about every taxpayer funded development deal (even if it required 'affordable housing' gimmies) now find themselves talking infrastructure . . . Checkit:

KC mayoral candidates focusing now on basic city services

Both finalists for Kansas City mayor are talking about basic city services. City Council members Jolie Justus and Quinton Lucas will meet in the general electi...


  1. Yeah... Because All the money has been spent.

  2. Great. We can choose between a lying affirmative action negro and a lying incompetent lesbian.

  3. "KC mayoral candidates focusing now on basic city services"

    The operative word is "now." After the election, it will be back to streetcars, hotels, luxury apartments, and so on. It never changes.

  4. HORSESHIT! Neither of them has any concern with serving the residents of Kansas City, both have long since prostituted themselves to the Real Estate Developers!

    It's now become a question of... "Who do you want as Mayor, A gay woman who lives in Overland Park, or a gay man who lives in Lawrence?", both of whom work for Real Estate Developers based in their home State.

  5. If they really want to improve city services they will stop giving downtown rental property developers a free tax ride for 15 years.

  6. They have both completely ignored basic city services while on the council and now we're supposed to believe they care about It?

  7. Will the Star portray them as anything less than mediocre. There is a reason that Kansas City is under-performing peer cities, it is about the lack of leadership from the business elite.

    Who beats us, Nashville, Austin, Indianapolis, Colorado Springs, Omaha. Perhaps we can beat Des Moines. Then there is Pittsburgh. Maybe we beat Memphis too.

    Louisville, about a tie. Note, why are we selling outsiders on downtown when
    our own businesses want nothing to do with locating downtown as in Sprint, Garmin, Cerner, Seaboard. The civic council is not exactly a dynamic club. Flyover old school.


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