Another Lesson In KCPS Secrecy

As the new school board is ready to take hold and likely change the status quo . . . Here's a look at somewhat secretive contract talks:

KC school board reviews Superintendent Mark Bedell contract | The Kansas City Star

During a news conference at the Wendell Phillips Elementary school, Kansas City Public School Superintendent Mark Bedell announced the district had earned 98 points on the 2016 Annual Performance Report. But the following year the score dropped.


  1. I see he is drinking a $6.00 cup of coffee.

    That's a good sign.

    The only thing better than that, would have been listening to him at Starfucks having a "Conversation about race" and enlightening us all to the need for "Reparations".

  2. Most kids that graduate from KCPS high schools are still illiterate. He’s doing a great job.

  3. If Bedell was white he would get fired for how worthless the KCPS is.

  4. He is the only superintendent to move this district to accreditation in about 40 years. Accreditation is a low bar but let's not act like he nor the board is more of the same. They accomplished a lot of the work your shitty fathers couldn't do.


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