Tuesday, April 02, 2019


CNN & MSNBC and most late night comics basically conned a great many of their viewers into watching two years of coverage with no finale.

The conclusion was more disappointing than the end of late 80s TV series St. Elsewhere.

Sure, the Prez told the American public that it was all smoke and mirrors.

But In an off-the-cuff interview commentator Van Jones changed the American lexicon with a BRILLIANT turn of the phrase.

Now, the debate over nothing continues as Move-On & The DNC attempt to incite their side in a lead up to the next power grab and more advertising cash for big media that wins no matter which side is in power. Checkit:

Mueller Rapid Response Rally: Kansas City

We're mobilizing to demand accountability, because Trump is not above the law. If Donald moves to block the Mueller investigation from sharing the truth, we'll be ready—with hundreds of rapid-response events around the country!

Please RSVP so the host team can inform you if they launch their event. Once you sign up, make sure to invite friends to join you at the event!

A core principle shared by supporting organizations is a commitment to nonviolent, peaceful actions. All actions that are sponsored or organized on this page are intended to be nonviolent and peaceful. We expect all participants to act lawfully at all times and to seek to de-escalate any potential confrontation with those that disagree with our values.

This event is wheelchair accessible.

We will meet at the steps of Liberty Memorial facing Union Station. We may consider a march towards City Hall depending on the number of attendees.

Thursday, April 4 at 5 p.m. (local time)
Liberty Memorial Steps in front of Union Station
2 Memorial Dr
Kansas City, MO 6410

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

This is just sad

Anonymous said...

The chance that Trump will interfere with Barr and Mueller is virtually nonexistent. The Dems will find some detail that was withheld, likely in accordance with the law, then claim it is the most important detail ever in the history of the world. Their astroturf mob will make placards and compose rhyming slogans, on the understanding from Herr Goebbels (or was it Comrade Lenin) that a lie told often enough becomes the truth.

I just hope they have lots of puppets. It's more fun watching a riot when there are puppets.

Byron Funkhouser said...

Donald Trump is a traitor.

He met with the Russian Foreign Minister in the Oval Office & gave him Israeli Intelligence secrets endangering the lives of several Israeli Intelligence Operatives. They were photographed having a good laugh.

He had three private conversations with Putin & no one, but them, knows what was talked about, or agreed upon.

During the campaign he asked the Russians to "find" Hillary's emails.

At the infamous Helsinki Press Conference he chose the word of Putin over the assessments of his own intelligence team.

He refused to implement sanctions against Russia voted on by the Legislative Branch.

He refused to implement sanctions against North Korea that his on own Treasury Department had recommended.

This investigation began because a Trump Campaign Official bragged to an Australian Diplomat that the Russians had helped Trump win the election. She, unlike Don Jr., contacted the FBI, as Don Jr. should have.

We don't know what was in the Mueller Report, but Barr quoted the report as saying that it DID NOT exonerate Trump, even though Trump's been lying & saying that it did.

Barr was chosen as Attorney General because of an op-ed he wrote claiming that the President can not obstruct justice because he's the President. So, Barr's conclusion that Trump did not obstruct justice is less than convincing.

Barr's whitewash & coverup is not the last word.

Trump shut down the government without good cause, causing great harm to the country. That is an act of treason.

He is threatening to destroy our economy by closing our southern border. That would be an act of treason.

Donald Trump is a traitor & he should be removed from office ASAP.

Anonymous said...

And Bryon the man who is blind has more information to share than the Mueller report.

Get over it Byron your witch friend Hillary lost, so how about a nice cup of STFU.

Anonymous said...

These people are pathetic

chuck said...

Total bullshit Byron.

Highly placed, unelected bureaucrats in the FBI, DOJ, State Department and many others in the previous administration - with premeditated criminal intent, conspired starting in 2015, to take frame Donald Trump with crimes concocted ex nihilo, out of whole cloth, fabrications.

Halper, Misfud, Downing and Eyes agencies were all, at the behest of the previous administration knee deep in this conspiracy.

The time line is irrefutable, the players are now visible and in the next couple of months, indictments are coming.

If you are actually interested in the time line, the conspirators and the crimes - then start, at least with a guy who is deep in the weeds, with the facts on this byzantine nefarious and corrupt effort, by Democrat/Traitors who engaged in treason, sedition and broke too many laws to mention here in a brief post.

Sundance is a good start.


Popadopoulas was entrapped by Misfud and Halper who then, with the assistance of the corrupt media (Isikoff-Yahoo) "stovpiped" information into the FISA court. It is a long, tortuous effort to actually understand the necrosis and criminal intent of the aforementioned Government agencies and the criminals who instituted this OBAMAnation, but, if you are actually interested in the Rule Of Law and the hoped for indictments, prosecutions and incarceration of these scum bag, Fascist/Progressive fucks, then start with Sundance.

I demand real justice said...

According to the Canadian County Sheriff’s department, Ramon Hector Martine Ontiveros, a 33-year-old illegal alien from Mexico, confessed to shooting Paige Gomer the night of March 21, 2019. According to a statement form ICE, Ontiveros has been caught in the country illegally on five separate occasions between 2007 and 2013. The first three times he was encountered between March 2007 and April 2011, he was “voluntarily returned to Mexico.” The fourth time he was caught was on Oct. 6, 2012. After that encounter, “he was removed on an expedited removal order the next day.” Finally, he was caught a fifth time in December 2012 and was “criminally charged and convicted of illegal entry,” but served no prison time. He was deported on January 5, 2013.

That is why we need Trump and we need closed borders. So Byron you can kiss my ass you're wrong and have always been wrong.

Anonymous said...

Oh my Byron...you seem so YOUNG and MISINFORMED! I have heard the crying rooms are open!

Anonymous said...

Is scamming the system to get social security disability benefits a traitorous act? For a blind guy, 12:12 can read really well.

Retro ROCKER said...

Are you Enjoying the show. There is still Trump Derangement symptoms A Mental Disorder from watching Rachel.N.B.C. AND THE COMMUNIST NEWS NETWORK .73 MILLION VOTERS WATCH AND LISTEN TO ALTERNATIVE MEDIA .That means another 6 years of The Donald Trump Show.

Anonymous said...

Byron knows he is a lying thief. His wife as well. I dare him to prove us wrong. He can't, he won't, game on Byron!

chuck said...

No matter how much you hate Trump, the conspiracy and Deep State plot to covertly prevent him from ascendance to the Oval Office it fact based and revealed daily, to be even more nefarious than you could imagine.

it is important to remember, that the Fascist Democrats NEVAR thought Trump would win----hence, the Special Council. The Special Council = The Best Defense Is A Good Offence. The documents that will now, rain down daily on the previously hive minded fever dreams of Never Trumpers and Fascist Democrats will show, that the Special Council KNEW there was NO collusion in the summer of 2016.

(Strzok to Lisa Page in the summer of 2016 -"There is no there there.")

The goal was a lucky strike, or, Obstruction by way of process crimes that could hide the malfeasance of the previous administration re: unmasking and illegal surveillance of an opposition campaign.

We hoi polloi think these Cia, FBI et al guys are playing chess, but it was checkers. They we reacting ad hoc to the exposure they brought down on their own heads, by way of betting on a sure fire win from the Clinton Campaign.

It looks confusing, until you take a little time and get into it, then, it all makes perfect sense.

You'll see...

Anonymous said...

Biden sniffs hair.
Trump grabs pussy.

Why don't they both just sniff pussy?

Anonymous said...

Byron can't respond. He know's he is a lying thief. He might pop off just after midnight when he cashes our check.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Byron: Hope you're not jerking off when you're that angry. You're going to hurt yourself . . .

Anonymous said...

From the looks of it, Trump is living rent-free in Byron's head.

And up his ass.

Anonymous said...

Hey Byron, there is a job opening at the new convention hotel construction site. Get a job.

Anonymous said...

HA ha ha ha ha!!!!

Anonymous said...


When Carla wedged my meat between her buns, it was the creation of the slider!!!

Byron Funkhouser said...

It’s never taken me 400 pages to say nothing happened.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Wrong. Have you added up your comments. Those clearly say you are wrong.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see so many committed people in KC. More discussion is a good thing.

Anonymous said...

Trump said the report exonerates him. He said he has nothing to hide.

OK, then let's see it. Release the full report.

The product of two years of investigating needs to be seen by everyone. The investigation is not over until we can all review it.

Anonymous said...

Chuck, I went to Deep State U.....it's a great school!