Sunday, March 10, 2019

Verrückt Decapitation Case Backstory

Kinda boring but a look behind the scenes and the legal drama that led up to nothing but a dismissal, hard feeling and a brief respite in the widespread illusion of safety that dominates public playtime of every sort. Checkit:

How Kansas AG ended up with Verruckt death investigation | The Kansas City Star

Nearly four months after 10-year-old Caleb Schwab was killed riding the Verruckt water slide in August 2016 and as police continued to investigate the matter, then-Wyandotte County District Attorney Jerry Gorman received an unusual request. Mike Rader, a Leawood attorney representing Caleb's family, sent Gorman a letter asking that Gorman recuse himself from the case.


Anonymous said...

Just drop it already. The poor kids dead and nothing can change it.

Anonymous said...

True danger is when a helmet won't help.

His Honor Did The Constitution Proud, So Help Us, God! said...

That was a bigly political stunt to seek recusal from DA Gorman. They couldn't risk a lowly Dotte DA not going for the over-chargings. Also, the play for getting enough attention for this case HAD TO BRING IN a grand jury. But, the MOST CRUCIAL motive for a "NO GO" in KCK...FEAR OF THE JURY POOL HAVING MOSTLY DEMOCRATS! And, it's likely so. But, that doesn't mean they would be biased toward Scott Schwab's family.

Anyway, good on Gorman for tossing it to the state. Now, AG Schmidt & Co has shown the Dottes who the jeenyus of jurisprudence is, huh? Oh, right. Carl Cornwell. Tough one to go toe to toe with.

Tracy Thomas said...

Imagine, the Star won't post any comments from me! Oh, I'm so dangerous, reporting the truth.
Today Vockrodt shared a good news fact, about our not very bright AG, Derek Schmidt, taking over the case. Vockrodt might be the Star's only good reporter at this point.

11:56 for the win: Derek Schmidt is the "jeenyus of jurisprudence."

Best laugh: Jerry Gorman the DA claiming he could have been impartial, that the Ug "only set his budget"! Ask Jeff Sessions and Rudy Guiliani about that. Hilarious.

Of course the DA had to pry the case away from the UG--but he flubbed in not bringing in competent counsel with experience in prosecuting a Murder 2 case. Or bringing a lesser charge.

The UG is responsible for this being a DECAPITATION! Star should report that. The UG had a gang of five goons who caused it. As I reported on A Design Review Committee. Sat around a lunch table and decided to show some muscle to Schlitterbahn which was pressing the UG to hurry up and approve so they could open and make the Xtreme Sports season 3 opening episode.

Only one of the 5 even had a college degree--an assistant city planner, not specialty trained. Three Tony Soprano goons, and...the ubiquitous BPU employee/fixer/grabber of handouts.

The Gang of Five demanded, absent any science, the installation of the hoops and the net that DECAPITATED Caleb Schwab. Absent that, he likely would have catapulted out of the raft with the defective velcro seatbelt. Since teenage staff misloaded the raft with him in front. Hit the pavement. Not sure what injuries he would have sustained. BUT this is for sure: his head would have still been attached to his body, not severed by the hoop and stuck in the netting for two hours.

But the STAR is broke. Refused to pay attorney fees to demand the UG release the names of the Gang of Five. Didn't back up Vockrodt in getting the names and reporting the story. The UG hid their complicity in this horrible case.

Which is why neither Gorman nor his successor DA could ever have prosecuted the case. Their bosses, the UG, were partly at fault.

So Jeff Henry got away with Murder 2. And Derek Schmidt does not dare bring new charges. He's embarrassed himself beyond recovery. Thinks he should be our next senator. Go fish, Derek.

Anonymous said...

Tracy, would you be so vested in concern for the kid and the case had it been a disadvantaged Dotte tyke, or, a dirtbag KCK kiddo? You know, those kinds of kids you said will gangster up that proposed Shawnee Taj Mahal you claim is destined as the cheap sitting service for some JoCo soccer moms, er, uh, I meant, for the babymamas of baddies from the horrible WyCo 'hoods and barrios?

Kudos to Cornwell for saying what decent people were thinking, often, the wheels of justice don't roll the same for the families from "the other" side of the tracks.