For the late night, we consider a pledge that no other candidate will make from this town's most prolific petitioner. Take a peek:

Chastain: Clay will move to stop misrepresented airport fiasco, if elected mayor.

Voters, if you think...

#1. The new airport will not be as good as a remodeled KCI,
#2. The new airport was misrepresented to voters and is being rushed before the new mayor and council are elected,
#3. The new airport is not necessary and will not be as safe, convenient and secure from terrorist attack as KCI,
#4. The new airport, unlike what voters were told, will require taxpayer assistance,
#5. The new airport is not a priority since our drinking water is unsafe, violence is excessive, infrastructure is broken down, taxes are sky high and our schools are failing...

then you want to vote for mayoral candidate Clay Chastain because not only am I going to stop this magnificent glitzy airport (until voters are presented a real honest election that includes an alternative plan (ALT 30) to remodel KCI), I am also going to shake the corruption out of City Hall and then refocus its priorities on the issues our people care about.

Doesn't it make sense to wait on deciding which way to go with the airport until the new mayor and council review the issue since they are the ones that will be overseeing its construction or remodel the next 4-years?

But no, Jolie, Sly and the Star are hell bent on tearing down Terminal A before the new mayor and council are seated because they think it will get Jolie elected, get the elite another glitzy project to enjoy and there will be no turning back once demolition begins. We will see.

As mayor I would move to provide voters the choice between a new single terminal airport plan (no deceiving the voters this time) and the best alternative plan ("Alt 30") to remodel KCI. Then let the voters decide, because it is their airport after all.

We are all fed up with the powers that control Kansas City forcing their will upon the people with secret backroom deals that are for their advantage - not the people's advantage.

The airport fiasco is not unlike the restricted streetcar election fiasco, which is not unlike the renaming Paseo to MLK fiasco, which is not unlike the giving away more taxpayer dollars to the 18th & Vine fiasco, which is not unlike the heavily taxpayer-subsidized downtown convention hotel fiasco, which are all not unlike the entire secret, backroom dealing bully-style Sly James' Administration fiasco!

If you want a new Sheriff in town that will shake things up from the top down, give you back control of your City and make it work for you; then I'm the man of the hour coming at the 11th hour to be at your service.

Mayoral candidate Clay Chastain

You decide . . . 


  1. Somewhat interesting. If he really wanted to make things interesting, he would say that if he didn't reach a certain threshold in the vote. He will never run for office in KC again.

    1. Hard pass.

      Clay wouldn't be able to do much if he was mayor. He doesn't realize that it's just one vote out of 13. Not even a tie breaker.

  2. I like Clay's fire and passion for the subject but he didn't even get 4% of the vote last time and the general knocked him out of the primary. Doesn't seem like he has much of a chance this time.

  3. He's got my vote.


  4. The guy has a lot of great positions and I am totally fed up with this City Council. I moved into KC 10 years ago and during this time my neighborhood has received zero road, curb, lighting or sidewalk replacements, not to mention snow removal. These basic services have been deferred to the general overhead and Pet projects of the Council.
    Linwood Grocery, 18th and Vine, Jazz Museum and its Board of directors, etc.

  5. Clay is absolutely the best candidate if you want someone who is looking out for the average folks in KC instead of just the grifters and developers. It’s long overdue for the John and Jane Does of the city to have their best interests be the priority.

    1. Is he looking out for the average people of Virginia? Because he doesn't live in Kansas City.

  6. Neither does Lucas but you keep failing to mention that, why is that?

  7. Sly hasn't full time in Kansas City but that never stopped him! Good show.

  8. He did mention fiascos but left off smart city, green zone, rock island line, hollow entrepreneurial results, and subsidized luxury garage.

  9. Chastain has some interesting ideas and his commitment to basic services would be a welcome change.
    But, if you think someone like him would have much of a chance to actually do anything after he was elected, you really don't understand who actually runs KCMO government for their own benefit.
    Just go back and review the one-term tenure of Mark Funkhouser.
    The Chamber swells, development crowd, and all the other special interest insider grifters did everything they could to make him fail.
    And the public that he hoped would support him are actually the apathetic voters who turn out at around 10% each election.
    You can't beat something with nothing.
    KCMO residents get exactly the government they deserve.

  10. Mayor

  11. He's the fucking Lyndon Larouche of KC politics. Get real.

  12. He's got my vote, sadly. He really is the only decent candidate. I don't care if he takes us back to the Funk era because that was a necessary reset.

  13. Like Cray Cray Clay seyz- "I don't even know what that question means..."

  14. Noooooom, I'm voting for him BECAUSE he doesn't live here.

  15. Funkhouser couldn't get out of his own way. He tried running the KC bureaucratic machine like some small rural guv. Places where hiring your wife and having her run roughshod over the means and methods of the bureaucratic machine would be fine. But, in 12th n Oak, she was brash and obnoxious. Which was a shame 'cause I actually liked the funk. He could have been much mo' effective in that position and probably had a second term.


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