We're through the looking glass people and a TKC readers offers a glimpse of the truth seen in midday traffic.


"We all know that the road conditions in KC are crap and that’s because of our city council. Likely voters blame the city council. It’s their fault. Probably 40% of the likely voters live on the west side. The pols call it the Gold Coast. It’s where the money in KCMO is and where the voters live. Note these pics I sent of ward Parkway today - the main thoroughfare of the Gold Coast. Total repaving. No doubt it needs after years of neglect but it’s funny that this road is repaved this week even though the city apparently has a policy to release repavement priorities on May 1 - after the election. They confirmed that only a week or so ago in this article you also posted. How and why did Ward Pky get repaved ahead of he official schedule? [rhetorical]. Who authorized this before the election? [real question]. This seems to be yet another in a long list of examples of poor governance and vote buying in KCMO."

The MSM take . . .

Fox4: More than 140 pothole reports leads to critical resurfacing on Ward Parkway

You decide . . .


  1. Ward Parkway got resurfaced because of the clout and money of the people who live there.
    End of story.
    KCMO government is entirely reactionary with the electeds folding to pressure and promises.
    Does anyone actually think that the many millions poured into 18th and Vine was based on the merits of the project?
    It never changes.



  3. Oh no!! They're repaving????? I don't like this at all!! How dare they?!?! I mean, where do they get off?? The potholes are shit on Ward Pkwy, but they're gonna repave it?? How dare they?? I mean we bitch and moan about the road conditions, and then they go and repave??? You've got to be kidding me! Who do we call to complain about this??? I'm mad as hell!!!!!

  4. ^^^^Gopher is triggered and ready to post.

    Actually, Ward Parkway desperately needs repaving, but this must be a very recent development as I drove it Saturday and nary a pothole had been fixed.

  5. ...and yet today they are. Weird.

  6. Maybe they're re-paving it because it's fucking heavily traveled??? I don't know, call me crazy man.


  7. Driving down Ward Parkway is hilarious. There are areas that have five or more deep holes and they only have a new patch in one hole, then there's another group of holes and one patch, it's a joke. The funniest part is the people in KC voted Sly in for a second term paying more money in taxes for nothing and now I see signs for the idiot Quinton Lucas or Jolie Justus. KC is the tale of many idiots. The people, and the politicians they vote for.

  8. It took an upcoming election to get any action on Ward Parkway. Everyone else is screwed.

  9. If you pay MORE taxes, you should get MORE services.

  10. Money! Money! Money! Money! Mon-neeee!!!3/26/19, 10:08 AM

    8:37, the much increased media blasts from Fox4, mostly, prolly helped. Plus, there's muchos southsiders of both JaCo and JoCo who travel Ward Pkwy to avoid I35 rushes---you know, plenty of the Chamber peeps and their chummies that are bankers, lawyers, doctors, developers, and even, gubmint.

  11. @9:21, yet by the City's own records, 63% of their total revenues,
    not including those from the Airport, come from north of the River!

    Still "logical", Logic Guy?

  12. Oh no!!! They are paving the streets!!I mean we all bitched about this for months, and they're actually doing something??? Oh no, this will not stand!! I mean if they are responsive to complaints, and working on fixing the streets, then what are we even doing here?? I mean I come here to cry and shit myself like the rest of you, but if they are really working, then what do we do with ourselves???? I'm confused!! Help me!!! MATLOCK! Where's MATLOCk K!!!!!

  13. ^^^^^^Don't you have some momentum to keep momenting, gopher?

  14. Gopher, you ignorant slut. The point is that the well connected are getting some serious work done while everyone else gets squat. But then you knew that.

    Get back to work, toady.

  15. “City streets are full of potholes.”

    So they pave a street they are responsible for that needs it...
    “They’re paving Ward Parkway because that’s where the votes and money is”.

    OK, so let’s say they pave Prospect.
    “They’re paving the ‘hood because blacks run city hall. While the rest of the city streets go to pot.”

    Let’s say they pave a downtown street.
    “Sly only cares about the downtown loft faggots, while the rest of us get screwed.”

    Re-pave a street in the Northland.
    “Who cares about those D-bag northlanders? Streets south of the river are worse. City Hall has their priorities so screwed up.”

    No matter what, the decision is wrong.
    As someone who works in “public service”, this is why I quit being nice to the “public” long time ago.

  16. ^^^^^Ummmmmm. Gopher, since we all pay taxes, why not pave EVERYONE's streets? I'm thrilled shitless Ward Parkway is getting paved, but you gonna stop there, pat yourself on the back and go back to preaching about our momentous momentum?

  17. Did you know that the repaving is going on where gopher boi lives? He’s just a few houses off the corner of ward pkwy where the work is being done. Weird.

  18. ^^^ Weird indeed ....

  19. Waaaa!!! They're paving the streeeeettttssss!!! Waaaaa!!!! Boo hoo Paving the streets!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. 1:42: Are you sure about that? Posting to blogs for the big guy must pay more than I thought!


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