Tuesday, March 12, 2019

TKC Reader Explains: Kansas City Zoo Tacitly Admits Cruel Animal Captivity Is Dangerous

Some white lady nearly died trying to get a photo near a jaguar for Instagram or whatever.

Accordingly, the Kansas City Zoo spoke out on this topic and offered a warning to visitors as the weather warms up.

The Kansas City Zoo also has big cats, but no jaguars, and they also have barriers to keep visitors away from them. Zoo officials say for the most part people obey them, but this weekend's jaguar attack is a good reminder to keep your distance.

"Sometimes they do look very cute and cuddly," Sr. Director of Zoological Operations, Sean Putney said. "They still have claws, and they still have big teeth and can be formidable, and unfortunately things like that on occasion by people taking an unwise decision. You think you might have time to lean up and get a selfie or take a picture or whatever. You turn your back for a second, and that might be what it takes."

The Kansas City Zoo keeps a number of barriers between the animals and visitors. They ask visitors to contact security if they see someone cross them, feed the animals, or throw items inside enclosures.

NOW, our animal activist friend tells us . . .

"The woman in this story needs to face the most severe penalty for animal torture but those charges should also include this Zoo and everyone who keeps our animal brothers and sisters jailed unjustly. Animal captivity for entertainment is unethical and I can only hope that this violent uprising incident shows all of us that Zoos are nothing but prisons for animals and should not be supported."

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

" our animal brothers and sisters jailed unjustly "????

" violent uprising "?????????

The fuck kind of whackjob moonbat believes this shit?

End The KC Zoo said...

^^^^ If you are support cruelty to animals, science has shown YOU are the psychopath and prone to violence against humans as well. Shame on you!

Anonymous said...

^^^^ Quote your sources, WhackJob!
What "science", what "studies", what "scientists",
or are you just spouting horseshit like a Shetland Pony with indigestion?

Anonymous said...

8:17 Winner LOL

Anonymous said...

Zoos are the last refuge for many species who are disappearing at an alarming rate. Their breeding programs are remarkable, and they exchange animals from zoo to zoo to ensure the gene pool remains varied. Animals tend to live much longer in zoos that in the wild. Their medical needs are tended to as well as benefiting from correct diets. The snowflake's comments only illustrate ignorance.

Obviously a low information voter.