TKC Question: Can Po-Po Protect Iowa Rubes Amid Rising Kansas City Violence?!?

As the eyes of the nation focus on KCMO. Our guests from the Northern American hinterlands might as well galavant around wearing targets on their back . . . They are walking marks and at the very least they should simply hand over their phones as reparations to any local. HOWEVER, we want no harm to befall these cornstalk interlopers and suggest they stay within the safety of party districts which is the only place that the illusion of safety persists in this wicked little town where crime is getting worse.

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KCPD beefing up security for Big 12 Tournament this week

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Tens of thousands of people are expected to flood into downtown Kansas City this week for the Big 12 Conference men's basketball tournament, and security is high. "We have placed cameras all throughout the Power and Light District," said Sgt. Patrick Rauzi with the Kansas City Police Department's Patrol Bureau Special Projects.


  1. Why don't they beef up security for the crime on the streets like maybe the east side for one. Screw the stupid big 12.

  2. Iowa== Idiots Out Wandering Around

  3. The Iowa boys don’t need protecting. The Kansas City punk bitches are the ones that need protection. Keep the cops sitting on their asses at Quik Trip.

  4. Hide your women unless you want them fucked deep and hard. That’s how farm strong men do their women, might as well do yours too. There ain’t a damn thing a city boy can do about it either.

  5. ^^^^^ Rosy Palms??? I'm sure she takes a beating. Ouch!

    1. Agree 10:41. Or maybe his goat out back in the barn.

  6. A trailer park is not the country. @10PM has never seen a real, working farm.

  7. Sad, but all those Iowa fans are coming to KCMO and some will be victims of violence. The chimps on the east side know there is plenty of loot for the takings during tournament time.


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