Tonight we remind our beloved and faithful reader community that money and allocations are the true source of so much political divisiveness despite culture war distractions. And so we offer this glimpse of Kansas City's top ranking elected official sharing this SCATHING INDICTMENT of the new budget proposed by Prez Trump.


Congressman Cleaver Releases Statement on President Trump’s Budget Request for FY2020

President Trump’s budget request is short-sighted and lacking in values

March 12, 2019

(Washington, D.C.) – Congressman Emanuel Cleaver, II released the following statement regarding President Trump’s Budget Request for FY 2020.

“President Trump’s slashing of crucial healthcare funds and assistance for farmers and working families is a true reflection of his values. The budget demonstrates a severe lack of empathy or understanding of how these cuts will hurt the people of this country…and to add insult to injury, his budget requests, take away healthcare funding, housing initiatives and environmental safety, all while adding a trillion dollars to the nation’s deficit annually.

President Trump is proposing one of the largest ever cuts to domestic spending at nine percent. His proposals call for cutting Medicare by $845 billion over 10 years and slashing Medicaid by $241 billion over 10 years. In addition, he and the GOP’s efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act, threatens Americans in need of health insurance and those seeking coverage with pre-existing conditions.

The President’s proposed budget would also slash funding to the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Cutting funding to HUD by 16 percent would eliminate vital programs to repair public housing for low-income families and programs such as the Housing Trust Fund, which serves households with the lowest incomes, and the HOME Investment Partnership Program that helps local governments and states address housing challenges.

This budget request will hurt farmers and rural residents who are already struggling with a crisis because of the President’s trade tariffs and depressed commodity prices. The United States Department of Agriculture, (USDA) would face cuts of almost 15 percent, impacting programs across the board. Crop insurance, which many farmers depend on as a safety net, would be cut by $26 billion over 10 years. Families in rural areas depending upon food assistance programs such as SNAP, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, to keep food on the table, will struggle to feed their loved ones.

Lastly, this budget fails to protect Americans’ public health and clean air and water by slashing funding by 31 percent to the Environmental Protection Agency. The President is putting Americans at risk.

The President would rather reduce funding for low-income families so that he can dramatically increase the defense budget to $750 billion next year. Thankfully, these are not my values or those of the Democratic House of Representatives, and I am confident that Congress will enact a budget that is true to our principles and to our constituents.”

Congressman Emanuel Cleaver, II


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You decide . . .


  1. Lots of people going to lose their jobs locally on this one if it goes through. Reminds me of all those Missouri factory workers who voted for Trump and then their plant closed down anyway.

  2. If the Cleave had any values he would pay back his failed car wash loan.

  3. where is your proof 6:11?????????????????????????

  4. Cleave states; "The President is putting Americans at risk."

    The porous southern is what is putting Americans at risk.

  5. Cleaver and the KC democrats fund luxury developers, stadiums and entertainment districts as their budget funding priorities. They fund this with most regressive tax system in the nation. Trump is progressive compared to the kc democrats.

  6. What Cleaver means is it is lacking enough free stuff for negroes. But he is a liar so he didn’t say that.

  7. City Of Rolling Gun Battles3/12/19, 6:40 PM

    We need a Rolling Gun Battle Lane

    Maybe rename Troost?

  8. 6:40 PM Rename Cleaver Boulevard

  9. 31 percent to the Environmental Protection Agency.

    My advise is learn to code

  10. #################3/12/19, 6:48 PM

    Open a car wash. Very profitable.

  11. He's just cutting the lard that guys like Cleaver try to get their hands on and blow on wasteful shit.

    No big deal.


  12. He doesn't like it because it calls for people to actually work (if they can) for their government assistance.

    This will create a new network of docs writing scripts "can't work"

  13. Stupid negro

  14. Trump is cutting bloated budgets. People used to more and more tax money going to these agencies. Like its just free money.

    Defense budget in my opinion is going up because its getting ready for the next war...with Iran.

  15. Reverend mayor, Sit down and shut up!!

  16. 6:11 has no proof.

  17. It would be nice if the Trump budget had funding for putting in overpasses and taking out the stop lights on the Emanuel Cleaver drive-by-way. Funding for a wall along Troost would be nice as well.

  18. The cleave is scared the handouts to his people will get cut and they wont vote for him or his buddies, they have bought votes for decades at the taxpayers expense, it’s time the farmers stopped getting paid by the gubmint for not growing crops as well. I know some have a need for help but you gotta prove it to get it, #timesup

  19. Is the cleave afraid the tax cuts will affect his ginormous waste of money called 18th and vine? I think he’s more worried about that than anything.

  20. BREAKING!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Congressman Carwash is ILLITERATE.

    Confirmed from the Congressman's website:

    Congressman Cleaver Releases Statement on President Trump’s Budget Request for FY2020
    Mar 12, 2019
    Press Release
    "President Trump’s budget request is short-sided and lacking in values"

    SHORT-SIDED? What?

    Is that what they call Ebonics? Geez! Is it too much to expect English from a U.S. Congressman?

  21. Gotta hand it to the cleaver, just when you thought he reached the height of his stupididity...... he goes and proves he can go higher!

  22. just cutting out some deadwood employees

  23. More

  24. @ 7:27, go to - the "Defense Budget Increase" is going to Big Corporations for more useless airplanes and ships. The Pentagon's budget for current service pay and retirements is axtually being raided for funds to build "The Wall".

    Meanwhile, our troops still carry a 50+ year old rifle and have to buy a second pair of Combat Boots out of their own pockets.

    It can be called "Defense Spending", but it's really just more Corporate Welfare".


  25. Well I condemn Clever for stealing, and if Cleaver thinks Trumps budget is so lacking why doesn't Cleaver get off his black ass and do something like run for Pres himself. All this lazy ass freeloader does is bitch. What has he done ? NOTHING. Right back at ya RACIST Clever

  26. Byron Funkhouser3/12/19, 9:50 PM

    Presidential Budgets are always fantasies. They are what the President would pass if he were a one man Legislative Branch, which he is not.

    All spending bills originate in the House of Representatives.

    This is why his "national emergency" is unconstitutional. It is not for him to say how money is spent. He never read the job description. He thinks he is all three branches of the government.

    The real budget process will be contentious with him threatening vetoes if he doesn't get money for his wall, & the Democrats refusing to waste money on his folly. There will probably be another government shutdown.

    Oh well. Another unnecessary shutdown & his unconstitutional emergency are ever increasing reasons for impeachment. He is already a lame duck President & he doesn't even know it.

  27. Cleaver's comments on the budget are every bit as relevant and reliable as R. Kelly's comments on dating.

    Someone is getting fucked and it should be against the law.

  28. Byron is afraid his fraudulently acquired disability payments might be stopped. Byron Funkhouser is a lying thief. His mother Ruth would have had a better life without him. He is a waste of our money.

  29. Right, because the liberal KCMO budget is working out so well. WTF. This city has shit finances, and guess why>? The only people doing well in KCMO are out of state developers giving insane tax incentives. This is a sham bro.

  30. Headline "short sided" ?? Does that mean his sides are short?

  31. ^^^ Good point!

  32. Wrong, 9:50. A Democrat-majority Congress gave the President unilateral authority to declare a national emergency several decades ago. It also gives the President access to unallocated funds to combat the emergency. So if that is unconstitutional, it's the fault of the Democratic Party, which introduced the bill and passed the law.

  33. Cleaver almost ruined KC and made it a st louis or baltimore. Luckily kay barnes stepped in and pulled us out. Cleaver is one of the worst KC figures we've ever had

  34. @9:45 the BILLS, (not "bill") passed in 1977 detail 136 circumstances, and 136 ONLY, under which the President has the authority to declare a National Emergency. It also requires that he make a report to Congress in person within 30 days of the declaration, reporting the reasons for his declaration and the actions taken in that 30 day period to resolve it. Congress then must authorize the continuation of his actions and approve any further funding.

    Is it Obama's fault that Trump has failed to do so?



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