Thursday, March 21, 2019


This is one redevelopment project that makes perfect sense and hopefully earns City Hall support along with more private biz interest.

Despite demographic shifts and even upticks in violence. This has ALWAYS been a crowded intersection in Kansas City and biz development here makes much more sense than trying to craft something from nothing in the East Crossroads.

For #TBT, here's a project that deserves consideration because it might also boost the fortunes of Brookside & The Plaza by offering a better venue for urban core shoppers that caters to the needs of the community.

KC developer eyes Troost's indoor mall for next redevelopment project


The property known as the New Landing Mall, a 220,000-square-foot complex at the intersection of 63rd Street and Troost Avenue, may see new life as a developer looks to see what is possible with the property.

Sunflower Development Group has the property under contract, and the Planned Industrial Expansion Authority approved a request by the developer Thursday to create a qualification analysis and general development plan for a potential PIEA area designation.

More info for subscribers at the Biz Journal site.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Well how much is this going to cost us? Anther 18th and Vine?

Anonymous said...

^^^ Grow up.

Anonymous said...

Come on! You know who took the Landing down years ago do they really think it's going to be any different now? Yes another 18th & vine wasteland.

@10:17 Why don't you grow some brains.

Strother Martin said...

An indoor mall in Mogadishu ?!

Anonymous said...

As long as they include a funeral home to process the dead bodies, I think it’s a great idea.

Anonymous said...

^^well thankfully Maude, no one has ever given a fuck what you think.

Anonymous said...

The Sunflower Development Group
Principal is Jason Swords

Reference campaign contribution database from the State of Missouri Ethics Commission here:

Sunflower Development, Jason Swords, etc., are frequent contributors to KCMO Council/Mayor when they get their projects approved.

They are one of the smaller players in KC's corrupt system of taxpayer cash transfers to well-to-do developers. City Hall has actually trained developers to do nothing without tax subsidies/incentives. They know to always come forward with plans which aren't feasible without taxpayer assistance, while over-promising spectacular results. When their plans get approved, they kickback cash to the politician's campaign.

Anonymous said...

maybe it will get them to stop shooting up the plaza. I'm all for this

Anonymous said...

Penner's isn't going anywhere is it? Where else can I get a green and gold suit with a top hat and cane?