Thursday, March 07, 2019


Special thanks to our reader community for this EXTENSIVE DEBUNKING of Mayor Sly's final tax push.

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"As the April 2 election date draws near, NKC Schools would like you to become familiar with an issue that will appear on the ballot for those of you who live within the city limits of Kansas City, Missouri. Mayor Sly James has proposed a 3/8 cent sales tax to fund Pre-K for all four-year-olds living within the city of KCMO. While each of us in NKC Schools recognizes the value and need for Pre-K instruction, we are in agreement with our Board of Education’s contention that the plan brought forward by Mayor James does not work best for our school district.

"Please learn about this ballot issue and become an informed voter before you cast your vote on April 2."

For readers wanting to learn more, here's the statement:


KCMO Mayor Sly James has proposed a 3/8th cent sales tax to provide Pre-Kindergarten learning to all four-year-olds within the city limits of Kansas City, Missouri. NKC Schools would love to see every four-year-old in our school district have the opportunity to attend a high quality Pre-K program, but there are several things about the mayor's plan you should know before you are asked to vote on this (if you live within the city limits of KCMO) on Tuesday, April 2.


Mayor James' plan intends to:

- Offer universal Pre-K for all 4-year-olds in KCMO
- Funded through a 3/8 cent sales tax on all goods purchased in KCMO
- Tax increase will generate $28 million per year:

• Will fund preschool at public, private and religious providers
• Will be run by the Mid America Regional Council (MARC)
• Will be overseen by mayor-appointed commission, an advisory board and ultimately the City Council of KC


The mayor's plan, while well-intentioned, would not include Pre-K services for every four-year-old in our district. Specifically, there are four basic areas that voters need to learn more about before the election.

1. The mayor's Pre-K plan strips responsibility for educational decision-making from our locally elected boards of education. A citywide mayor-appointed commission of five people will direct the tax with input from an Advisory Board and ultimately the City Council. Nowhere in the process do the people we elected to oversee our schools get to have a say.

2. The mayor's Pre-K plan uses a regressive sales tax to fund the program, shifting financial responsibility where the poorest end up paying disproportionately more than others. Again, the plan is based on a sales tax, not a property tax.

3. The mayor's Pre-K plan does not serve ALL children. NKC Schools serves 14 different municipalities, so students living in Gladstone, NKC, Claycomo, Pleasant Valley, Avondale, Village of Oaks, Oakwood and Birmingham would not be eligible to participate. Only those students and schools within the city limits of Kansas City, Missouri would be able to receive Pre-K services. Less than 100 students in NKC Schools would most likely benefit from the tax.

4. The mayor's Pre-K plan violates the Missouri Constitution. The mayor's plan would generate around $28 million per year in tax revenue. The plan dictates that initially only about 25% citywide would go to student tuition. The remaining 75% would be used to duplicate services already existing in local school districts. This diversion of funds to private and religious schools violates the Missouri Constitution.

KCMO residents will vote on this issue on Tuesday, April 2. Please educate yourself on the proposal. Legislation has been introduced at the state level to expand Pre-K services to all students throughout Missouri. It is the state's responsibility to fund education.

NKC Schools believes early childhood education is in the best interest of ALL district students and is working to deliver those services in a way that best fits our community and our budget.
Please be an informed voter and as always, please remember to vote on April 2.

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Anonymous said...

KCPS opposes it to. Forget it, it's done.

Anonymous said...

No new taxes!

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^^^HA you will have, it's called paying for an airport you were silly enough to vote for

The rake KC said...

^^^ +1000

Anonymous said...

“75% goes to other school things” what the hell does that mean

Anonymous said...

Sly's lack of understanding of and interest in municipal government is coming to a head at the end of his reign with this poorly thought out and completely inappropriate scheme.
And, given where the money would go and how much is actually dedicated to "education", it has become more and more clear that it's really just another desperate search for money to fill the huge and ever-increasing emptiness of KCMO's general fund.
Whoever "wins" the mayoral election is going to find out just how bare the cupboard really is.
And, given the candidates, will likely continue to lie about the city's financial position to the public.
It never changes.

Anonymous said...

Raise more money with an ammo tax.

Anonymous said...

They have violated MO ethics law by using taxpayer funds to promote or oppose a campaign. However much they are correct it is still wrong. But the MO Ethics Commission never holds public officials accountable.

Anonymous said...

See you at the victory party!

Anonymous said...

Good for the Northland! Sorry Slyme, everyone is stocked up on your snake oils and lies.

Anonymous said...

Slush Fund Sly, going out in style.

Anonymous said...

I don't think there was a vote for the airport. Wasn't it pushed through without the people? Pretty sure it was. Sly has to find someway to pay now and I think that's funny.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Gayden Carruth is correct.

In a 2-7-19 post on TKC Dr. Gayden Carruth exposed the lie in Slie's pre-K proposal.
“According to the mayor’s plan, only 25 to 30 percent of the approximately $30 million in sales-tax revenue will be spent for direct services to children during the first three years.” This would leave Slie a $21 to $22.5 million slush fund which Slie has conveniently avoided stating what his slush fund will be used for. You can bet that after 3 years the direct services will be much less. The schools should definitely not support this money grabbing scheme.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to a white mayor at least.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

^^^ only a white mayor can save this city, the colored boy in charge blew his chance to make things great for the whole city but he chose himself over everybody else,

common sense said...

Where do I get my Clay Chastain yard sign?

Anonymous said...

Sly always was a grifter. Helling and the Star elected him by creating a rags to riches myth.
Now the Star wants to elect our prize lesbian.`

Anonymous said...

Since when is it the city's job to worry about school things? That's what school districts do. How about the city worries about the ten thousand pot holes or the worthless trash service in the northland? Or more ambulances? Or cops?

You know, shit that school districts can't do. Everyone should stay in their lane.