The latest outrage from Kansas City's most prolific petitioner asks the newspaper he's been slamming for the past few months to do him a favor.

Thankfully, later today we've got an important story that might help this transit crusader. For now, here's a glimpse at his call to action after TV newsies say that have "tremendous respect" for him but don't want to have him as a guest. Checkit: 

Clay Chastain calls on Star to write editorial demanding candidate Clay be allowed to participate in Wednesday's major debate on KC public television

Official mayoral candidate Clay Chastain calls on the City's "Paper for the people" and the Star's Editorail Board President, Colleen Nelson, to publish an editorial demanding Kansas City's public television station (KCPT) allow Clay to participate in its major mayoral debate scheduled for Wednesday evening at the Plaza library.

We have one mayoral candidate clamouring for "racial justice" and " multi-cultural" inclusiveness, what about election inclusiveness? Nick Haines has told Clay that he will not be included in Wednesday's mayoral debate because, "you did not make the cut" according to some bogus poll. Could KCPT's elite donors have anything to do with trying to shut Clay out of the debate because they do not want a new sherrif in town that will shake up the status quo?

Clay wishes to remind the Star and Kansas City's public television station of the following:

#1. 1,000 KCMO voters signed a petition supporting placing Clay's name on the ballot as a mayoral candidate.

#2. Even though Clay is running a viable grassroots campaign and accepting no campaign contributions, his base of support is rising according to the City's biggest blogger- Tonyskansascity.

#3. It is not the perrogative of public television to be the arbritary decider of which official candidates will and will not be invited to a public debate on its publicly funded station. And why have all the other promoters of previous smaller mayoral debates (including the KCUR debate tonight) invited Clay to participate?

#4. Whether this KCPT debate includes 8 candidates or 9 or 10 is inconsequential.

#5. The Star and KCPT should want to facillitate the public's ability to hear from all the official mayoral candidates concerning their stance on the issues and vision for moving our City forward.

#6. It would appear a disturbing coincidence that only the conservative, anti-establishment mayoral candidates are the ones being locked out of this KCPT debate.

#7. Clay was legally cleared to be an official candidate on the ballot because not only is he a part-time (and past 20-year full-time) resident of Kansas City (the charter does not state a candidate has to be a full-time resident), he is also a long-time Kansas City, Missouri "elector" and contributor to trying to improve Kansas City.

Where have all our City leaders and institutions gone? Gone to special interests everyone.

Proud to be... a Kansas City, Misssouri Mayoral candidate, Clay Chastain

Developing . . . 


  1. His not being a part of the debates is simply censorship and attempts to control the vote and election by the media.

    Fake news and the lack of real truth in the media on reporting the news is not only destroying our country, it is leading people to think that what is reported to be the truth is in fact far from it. I support Free Speech but on the flip side to that are we getting to the point that we need federal laws to protect the citizens from fake news? Think about that for a minute, do you want to always know the whole truth and all the facts, or do you want to trust someone else to judge how or what they think you should know? Sure anyone should be allowed to have an opinion and be allowed to express that, but that's called what it is, an opinion/editorial and not the real news. It isn't for the front page or to lead the news reported, it's the follow up after all the facts and truth have been presented.
    Super Dave 3/19/19

  2. ^^No. He does not reside here. End of story.

  3. ^^^Oh grow up and face facts, yes he is a resident!

  4. 3:26, lets see your proof you're a resident and can have any say on the matter?

    The proof is here that Clay is a resident, so where is yours at?

  5. 3:26 just got knocked the fuck out again. Man that dude must really dig being made to look stupid.

  6. Nick Haines with public television and the pitiful KC Star set the rules for a KCMO political campaign?
    No wonder the results continue to be so poor.
    Just when you might think that politics and government in the city couldn't become any more embarrassing and ridiculous, something like this comes along to prove you wrong.

  7. Clay does not reside in KC. He's out & there's nothing you can do about it.

  8. Chastain dropped the ringer.

  9. Super Dave nails it!

    You either run a real and open forum or you don't. There's no law that says you have to include everyone but KCPT is getting some taxpayer money and they claim to be "open" to the public.

    Instead of a forum, they should just say: "These are the candidates we have selected FOR YOU that we think are acceptable."

  10. Isn't he encumbered in Virginia somewhere?3/19/19, 4:41 PM


  11. Nick Haines lives in Leawood so he's disqualified to speak for KCMO.

    Be great if he would take his boring shtick act back to Wales, U.K.

  12. Hell yes Super Dave is correct.

  13. Metro

  14. He has my vote, campaigning hard for him to everyone I know!

  15. ^^^^ In Virginia?

  16. I'm voting for Clay!

  17. I'm for clay !!!!!!!!!!!!

    The dumbocraps are allowing ILLEGALS to vote in local elections in several parts of OUR COUNTRY. Why would we not allow an interested CITIZEN to vote in our mayoral election.

  18. James lives in OPKS, Lucas Lives in Lawrence, KS, Miller lives in Mission, Ks, Barnes lived in Shawnee, but each one of them rented allocation in KCMO and claimed residence.

    Chastain OWNS the house in KCMO that he lives in more than six months out of each year, SO HE PASSES THE "RESIDENCY" TEST FAR BETTET THAN ANY OF THOSE CLOWNS!

  19. Not sure who Nick Haines is or why Mick is doing anything. Mick Paines is not a common name is KC so not sure why he is hosting anything. Mitch Laynes should not be doing anything.. except supporting Clay. Clay is a good model(clay... model.. get it?)
    It makes sense that if clay models well.. And Nate paints houses... that someone named Clay can run.. after all he has two legs.

    Hell if the current mayor can’t cut crime and his legacy is wearing a bow tie and working gigs doing arbitration then we can have a guy named Clay run the city... and he can call the editorial board to get their advice and do the opposite and be successful. And the drone guy who won’t or hasn’t shown his FAA license to fly his drone- Baloonzo Wash-a-ton- he can help crime fight for Clay by flying his powerful
    Drone- with or without a FAA license- (has he even registered it?) and scare criminals into submission.

    Is this city great or what? Okay.. or what.

  20. 9:12 wins! Paint Haines? Baloonzo Wash-a-ton? That classy stuff! The Mayors legacy is the potholes.. not the outrageous murder rate.
    And ask yourself this:

    If the mayor works arbitration on vacation time- is that double dipping?
    If he works arbitration not on vacation time- is that double dipping?
    If the mayor asks for a dipped cone on city time- is that double dipping?

    Vote Clay Chastain and piss off the mayor and editorial board.

  21. You can all quit pretending Clay Chastain is a legitimate candidate. He's not.

    But, on the bright side, a vote for Clay will be like flagging idiots.

  22. ^^^ So you're saying he's going to win!


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