What could be the second legal challenge to the local daily paper this year. Here's the latest from this local transit dude:

Chastain: Clay will file defamation lawsuit against the Star unless they retract their false statement and issue me an apologize to me immediately

In the Heeneberger profile on me, she stated this, " At one point, he (Clay) was put on a watch list at City Hall in response to perceived threats against Mayor Sly James."

I have never threatened Sly James or any other person in my entire life. The Star reporter is not quoting anyone. That is critically important here. She is stating a false unsubstantiated claim, as if it were a true fact fact. Neither the Star, the City or Sly James can, or will be able to, show where I ever threatened Mayor Sly James either via an email, a public statement, a phone call or in public conversation with he or others. Because, I never have!!!!!!

Therefore, the Star has published a heinously false and defamatory statement against me in an attempt to smear my public reputation and knock me out of an increasingly close mayor's race. The Star's defamatory act against me was done with "actual malice."

Tomorrow, I will put out a press release demanding the Star retract that false defamatory statement to the entire media and issue me an immediate apology. If not, I will file an immediate defamation suit against the Star that will finally put them out of business.


Developing . . .


  1. The Star never apologizes or corrects their online stories.

  2. Clay might get his first real pay day in years. Good for him. And he doesn't even live her full time!

  3. ^^^^ Nor do you so shut up.

  4. ^^^^ Go back to Virginia Clay! It's very relevant. You have no standing here and you will be the one who pays for your voting shenanigans!

  5. Hernandez Smoke and Mirrors Company3/26/19, 5:52 PM

    Be sure to subscribe to The Star and read the excellent editorial board section! Enjoy a glass of water! Enjoy the sights and sounds of Ward Parkway! Don't forget vibrant and family friendly (and walkable) Westport!


  6. Good for Clay!

  7. Go get them Clay and make them pay.

  8. All the way with Clay

  9. I feel sorry for the employees of the Kansas City Star awhich are left to work for that horrible heck of a paper. that's fake news because all the good writers have left years ago see what the paper has become just a shell of its original Glory. And what time good reporter who because fat and sloppy in their work just write like a first graders well it won't be around much longer it'll be like a lot of things in Kansas City just a memory.

  10. About time someone called out that worthless rag known as the Kansas city Star.

  11. That whole outraged missive and not the single line that counts: were you or were you not on a supposed watch list from a perceived "threat". I don't give a chit if it was a political hit list, cause it surely was, were you on it clay? I seem to remember the hullabaloo about that, and you a number of years back. No chance on the suit. But yes, your nutty ass will still get my vote due to the other choices.

  12. Reality Speaker3/27/19, 4:26 AM

    Go get them Clay and make them pay.
    All the way with Clay
    Go Clay!
    But yes, your nutty ass will still get my vote due to the other choices.

    From above, agree 100%


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