TKC Blog Fun Fact: Former Kansas City Star Hack Jimmy C Now Favors Jolie Justus

Jimmy C is usually wrong about everything. He's one of the half dozen or so former newspaper hacks who nearly maintains a blog that's only read by friends and family. His opinions, observations and reporting offer a hint as why he's not currently with any major media organization. Even worse he has spent his own cash on local political campaigns attempting to garner a bit of influence by way of his "coverage" (ewwww) and uses his blog to keep himself busy in between golden year vacations . . . This wouldn't be so wrong IF he wasn't completely clueless.

Example . . . Like every other progressive old school white dude . . . He's now pushing Council Lady Jolie Justus on friends and family and calling it JOURNALISM.

Again, all of these old school newsies constantly dwelling over their glory days would be charming if they weren't so horribly misguided about the current political climate. Background: Jimmmy C formerly told us that fugazi Phil Glynn was the man to beat.

Insiders know that crowded KCMO elections make fools of pundits. Sadly, this old school newsie didn't have enough friends to go write for KCUR and maintain his legacy media bubble and our TKC blog community is tried of playing nice with dead-tree media apologists.

Read more, because credit where it's due, this is probably his most entertaining post all year:

Get your bets down here on the mayor's race...Don't get shut out!

What do you make of this mayor's race? The Kansas City mayor's race...the one that doesn't seem to be firing anyone up. I think the lack of excitement attending the race is partly the result of what I've been writing about recently in regard to the twin fiascos of Frank White and the Jackson County...


  1. Jolie eats a lot of pussy

  2. "His opinions, observations and reporting offer a hint as why he's not currently with any major media organization."

    As does yours.

  3. He is a leftist pinko f___it.

  4. I got a flyer in the mail yesterday from Julie and it said she supports the Pre-K tax. Once I saw that, I knew she's aligned with Sly and its a NO vote for me.

  5. Byron Funkhouser3/14/19, 7:06 AM

    You already know that she has no idea how to solve your crime problem.

    You already know that she will not say no to developers.

    6:51, so do I, what's your point?

    1. What’s your point, retard?

  6. She doesn’t have a chance, people just don’t like her or her sick lifestyle

  7. Anybody who favors Jolie is an idiot. Just another Kraske.

  8. And yet he's not "pushing" Jolie Justis at all, he's merely predicting who has the best chance of winning.


  9. ^^^^^ Yeah, keep believing that. Go buy a newspaper as well. He's just predicting a win with no proof. Fitz is out of his leauge as are you @7:54. See you at the victory party. Bitch.

  10. Another piece of positive news for the Lucas campaign! Loving use of the word "favors" and the betting analogies. Glad I could help.

    Vegas does indeed favor Mayor Lucas.

  11. Anybody but Jolie Justus!

  12. A clown car full of candidates.
    And a D-list former "reporter".
    What could possibly go wrong?

  13. Metro

  14. Munching

  15. Clay is the only way!

  16. Fuck you Byron

  17. We already know B'lie'Ron is a busy-body+know-it-all+contrarian+racist+fraudster. So does he, and those are points of pride for him. Weird.

  18. Getting insulted on TLC is lole being insulted by Bill Vaughn...a backhanded, endorsement that you matter. Congrats to are now, accepted.

  19. A moment of your time, please ^^^^ I like that comment but only because it proves tht @10:21 is somewhere around 85 years-old. Love that kind of spirit!


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