Saturday, March 09, 2019


Henry Klein is a Kansas City businessman who has consistently volunteered for Habitat For Humanity over the past decade and now works in the inner city. His political activity has been limited far more than his constant level of interaction with neighbors and locals who know him through his charity work.

He's an outsider running an upstart campaign and tonight we focus on a recent comment he shared that speaks to a great level of frustration with the current election cycle.

Here's what Henry Klein says:

"What exactly is going on here with some of these candidates? Some want to act like they have no responsibility for the things they didn't get done over the last 4 or 8 years. Others are just so jaded. It's really taken me by surprise."

We've noticed this is not only a fair and accurate statement but also a sentiment that has been repeated often among voters over the past few weeks.

Mr. Klein is realistic about his chances. He doesn't have the bankroll or the name recognition that other candidates enjoy but he has been consistent over the years in his efforts to work for better voter engagement and City Hall accountability.

And so tonight we highlight Mr. Klein's words because they speak to widespread frustration with local Democracy and serve to inspire out playlist . . .

As always, thanks for reading this week and have a safe and fun Saturday night.


Anonymous said...

He is 100% right but it has already been rigged against him and Steve Miller. That's why the "news" wants to talk about anything but the airport. Council doesn't want to answer for their votes.

Anonymous said...

The problem is that we need more REAL people to run and not just those who crowd the ballot hoping to get a new job or wanting to please the Chamber and the civic council.

Boss Tom said...


Said it before but it always needs to be repeated.

Kansas City has the best government money can buy.

Anonymous said...

Nobody cares about the candidate's positions anymore, just need to know their color, preferred gender pronouns, sexual preference if any, and other victim status and how much they can virtue signal, and give aways to the oppressed and down with patriarchy and white supremacy

Anonymous said...

Question to the Mayor and City Council: How did you fund the following projects which serve your own special interest group and an extremely small % of the KC population??? 18th and Vine, Linwood Grocery, Jazz Museum Board of Directors and Upkeep, MLK Re-name of Paseo??? Answer-The $100,000,000 plus used for these pet projects was taken from the City General fund. These funds could have been used for Road maintenance, additional Police on the streets, snow removal, etc.
James and his special interest groups of the East side ministers and cronies in the Council have failed this City.
A vote for any of the current City Council members for Mayor is voting for the status quo and would be a vote for failure in future of this city.

Anonymous said...

Henry's exactly right. The council members who are running for mayor promise to correct all the things they should have corrected during their time in office. They act like its all new problems that they bear no responsibility for.

Anonymous said...

Clay will lead the way!!

Anonymous said...

11:57 + 1000