Tuesday, March 19, 2019

The Kansas City Tuesday Second Look

These are local news items we wanna share and deserve a peek but might not inspire debate . . . Just local stuff that's good to know.

Kansas City Underwater Memories

KCMO business owners remember record setting 1993 flood

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- Business owners along Southwest Boulevard remember the flood of 1993 like it was yesterday. Many of them pointed to a mark on the wall, put there to remember that historic event. "That's the flood line of '93," John Greer, who is the General Manager of Ponak's, said.

Kangaroo Duo Help City College Students Get Jump On Bad Debt

How two students are lowering the cost of college loans

Two Harvard Business School students may have just cracked the code to lower student loan rates. In an economy where 20 percent of millennials expect to carry their student loan debt for the rest of their lives, that's a pretty big deal. Every year, UMKC students are faced with loan offers from banks.

Blue Springs Tribute

Years of service recognized in Blue Springs

Two beloved Blue Springs public figures were honored Monday for their devotion to the city and to each other. Blue Springs Mayor Carson Ross and First Lady Eloise Ross were given a surprise from off the City Council agenda, presented by the Rev.

How To Save Kansas

Need More Social Workers In Kansas? Advocates And Providers Say Loosen Standards

Social workers can perform a myriad of tasks. Some check on children in abusive homes and some train foster families. Others support patients through medical procedures like kidney dialysis or provide talk therapy to mental health patients. But there are too few of them in Kansas.

Missouri Rising Tide Seen From Above

WATCH: Water continues to rise on Missouri River

The water continues to rise! Flooding continues to be a major concern on the Missouri River, as this drone video from Atchison, Kansas, and Platte County, Misso...

Kansas City Soccer Anticipation

100 Days: U.S. Men's National Team approaches visit to Kansas City for Concacaf Gold Cup

Only 100 days remain until a 2019 Concacaf Gold Cup doubleheader featuring the United States Men's National Team hits Children's Mercy Park in Kansas City, Kansas. Tickets for the highly anticipated Gold Cup doubleheader on June 26 are now on sale to the general public at SeatGeek.com.

Cowtown Creativity Profile

Step Inside The Glittering Universe of Mother Earf

Mother Earf has a pixie haircut, faux lashes for days and glitter shimmers on her cheekbones. Her velvet gown matches the curtains between the bar and the stage. She sits at the foot of that stage, the vibrant queen of the "Slow Your Roll: Slow & Sensual Show."

Old School EPIC Rock Out

Metallica delivers record-breaking crowd in Kansas City

By Mike Sorensen Two years ago, I covered the Metallica show on the east side of Missouri. It was a cool, rain-soaked event that saw fans roaring along to all the hits, soaked to the bone and not caring a bit. This time, off to the west, temperatures were right around the freezing point with snow on the horizon.

Kansas City Taco Tuesday Guide

Here's the deal(s) on Taco Week, which starts today

The Pitch's Taco Week begins today - Monday, March 18 - and runs through Sunday, March 24. What that means: half-price tacos at multiple locations across the Kansas City metro. What places? What kinds of tacos? Reader, the information you seek can be found by tapping or clicking upon this spot.

Saving Kansas City History

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


My Dumb Ass daughters high SAT score said...


City council members for mayor said...

City can't spare the money right now to repair that historical East-side baseball stadium as it continues to erode. Need to pay for MLK signage. It's expensive, you know. (Cars can still drive down a street named Paseo, but kids cannot play on a dangerous field that's falling apart.)