Tuesday, March 12, 2019

The Kansas City Tuesday News Fill-Up

On the subjects of social justice & celeb hotness . . .

TMZ: Kim Kardashian West Paying 5 Years Rent for Prisoner Released from Jail

Closer to home, we've gathered this collection of somewhat nice news to start the day . . .

Early KCMO Irish Celebration Starts Now

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day at Snake Saturday this weekend

KANSAS CITY, MO - Snake Saturday is one of the most sizzlin' events happening in Kansas City, and it's coming up this weekend. Chad Tillman of and Mindy Hart, Publicist for the event, join us with a delicious Corned Beef Hash and details on what attendees can expect from the event.

Cowtown Crowd Control Prep

KCPD's Mounted Patrol preps for Big 12 Tournament, St. Patrick's Day parade

The Kansas City Police Department's Mounted Patrol unit is preparing for the Big 12 Tournament and the St. Patrick's Day parade.

Vaporware On Display

Hyperloop One exec at SXSW extols KC's efforts for future - Kansas City Business Journal

A Virgin Hyperloop One executive extolled the virtues of Kansas City and Missouri's effort to land a stretch of the high-speed transportation during the Kansas City Outpost event Sunday at South by Southwest. The hyperloop panel discussion in Austin, Texas, positioned Kansas City as "America's blueprint for the future."

KC Caters To Iowa

Kansas City sports bar owner to Cyclones fans: 'I guarantee we'll never run out of Busch Light'

CLOSE One Kansas City, Missouri, businessman is making a strong case for Iowa State fans to visit his sports bars during this week's Big 12 men's basketball tournament. Chris Lewellen owns The Well and Lew's Grill and Bar, which are located two blocks apart on Wornall Road in the city's Waldo neighborhood.

Cowtown Dress Up Preview

Ready, jet, go! Experience the 60's at the Bloom Party

KANSAS CITY, MO - The Bloom Party is recognized as one of the most innovative events in Kansas City each year. Bloom reinvents itself annually, providing both loyal patrons and first-time guests with a visually stunning and entertaining evening.

Heart Of The Team Intact

Chiefs rumors: Eric Berry expected to remain with Kansas City

This offseason is all about shedding high-dollar contracts for the Kansas City Chiefs defense, at least so far. Justin Houston has already been released despite proving he's still an effective pass rusher, and even Dee Ford, who just put up one of the best overall seasons for a defender in 2018, is on the trade block.

Cowtown Soak Forthcoming

A couple of soggy days ahead in Kansas City

Light rain will move in for your Tuesday morning. We'll see rain showers on and off throughout the day. More rain is expected on Wednesday.

RÜFÜS DU SOL ●● You Were Right is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

The rain is going to suck with the ground being slop already from the snow melt. It feels like we haven’t really dried out since October.

Random question, you know brush creek on the plaza...the smell of sewage on humid summer days? Where is that sewage coming from? Is KC going to try to fix that or is it just going to be normal like smelling sewer smells on downtown sidewalks?

Anonymous said...

^^I don't know. Did you ask the city? Stop asking dumb questions. Go find something else to cry about.

AOL Circa 94 is still superior to blogs said...

Very interesting and stimulating intellectually

Well Trigger Me Finger said...

Ocasio-Cortez takes gas guzzling SUV to lecture Americans about ‘climate change’ at SXSW.


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Kim sure likes taking care of that dark meat and 7:50 likes taking it jailhouse style from them himself.

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^^...and you lie to hear yourself talk, cause you're so lonely.

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^^Shut up fool, it's you who is lonely hanging out here all day. But real soon we will know who you are. Everyone will get a good laugh from it because I know something you don't know. See, I have my own insiders separate from Tony's.

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