Friday, March 15, 2019

The Kansas City Morning Workout

With workout respect to Mel D, we offer this quick look at local health news . . .

QZ: Inside the weird world of online fitness advice that’s hard to debunk with real science

Economist: Most mental-health problems are untreated. Trained laypeople can help

CNBC: Cramer: Why Planet Fitness is working out and the new Weight Watchers isn’t

Closer to home, here are the news links we're checking right now . . .

Kansas City Coffee Clickbait Listicle Still Worth A Sip For Curious Java Junkies

A Coffee Drinker's Guide To Kansas City

Kansas City is an established Midwestern coffee landmark, home to a wide range of coffee experiences for drinkers of every level of expertise. This coming weekend, the city will welcome coffee lovers and professionals from across the United States for the U.S. Coffee Championships at KC Expo Center.

City Hall Social Justice Multitasking

Lucas challenges question asked of black mayoral candidates | The Kansas City Star

Kansas City Councilman Quinton Lucas challenged a question on Twitter about representation asked only of him and Councilwoman Alissia Canady at a recent mayoral candidate forum. Lucas and Canady are both black.

Real Estate Locked Up

Blue Summit halfway house plans move forward despite concern

BLUE SUMMIT, Mo. - A project to renovate a vacant school building in the unincorporated town of Blue Summit has left some worried about what will take its place. The old Stark School has been neglected for about two decades, and it's now tattooed with graffiti and scarred by broken windows, inside it's completely trashed.

Kansas City Irish Weekend

6 Fanatical Things To Do In Kansas City This Weekend

A fan is a fan is a ... fanatic. Which is to say that niceties won't be necessary this weekend for those obviously obsessed with such things as St. Patrick's Day, Japanese pop culture and the eye-opening promise of that oh-so-perfect cup of coffee - or rather endless cups.

Gusty KC Journalism

Strong winds toss carport over Kansas City home Thursday

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The strong winds Thursday caused problems for many people in the Kansas City metro. The howling winds didn't wake Mary Witte up at 5:50 a.m., but rather a mangled mess that was once her carport.

Weekend Chill Starts Now

More sunshine, but cool for your Friday

We could see a few leftover wrap around rain showers, mixing with very few snowflakes this evening. No accumulation is expected. Friday will still be windy and...

Kansas City Mech Vocation

When His Punk Dream Faded, This Kansas City Rocker Saw The Future Was In Merch

If you've been to a rock show and bought a T-shirt, there's a chance it was made in a non-descript factory just off of I-35 in Merriam, Kansas. That's the site of R.L. Brooks's Seen Merch, where high-speed screen-printing machines can turn out more than a thousand rock-and-roll T-shirts an hour.

The Chemical Brothers - We've Got To Try is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

KC Irish weekend? what a a shame. That's ethnic stereotyping. I'm sure there are a lot of irish who will be as sober as a judge.

A drunk judge in a bikini beer muff contest.

Anonymous said...


To finish my workout, I like to get pumping on the stair-climber!!!

Anonymous said...


"Thank goodness SOMEBODY showed up - finally!
Say - what's the paper bag for?

Anonymous said...

Lucas really is stupid, playing the race card on a softball question, news flash Lucas, it’s not gonna get you more votes, white guilt is over. By the way, we’ve seen you screw over the entire white part of the third district so answer the damn question sissy boi

Anonymous said...

***about the Q&A with Black candidates***

“How do you plan to meet the needs of other districts in addition to meeting the needs of your base?" I get that we're black and all, but why isn't this is a Q for any of the others serving?“

I have learned through the years and especially following the hardships placed on me by the City that, White people - no matter how accomplished, articulate, (White sounding or friendly) a person of color is - they almost always reduce you to the color of your skin when it comes down to political, family, financial and real estate issues. (Not all but most) The question is not asked of the White candidates because they assume that either they’ll be working in the interest of their district or find ways to shame, humiliate or otherwise make them comply. This is what colorism looks like. Most White people don’t believe they are or have any racists tendencies. They simply will not admit to it. Instead, here it comes out in this form of a question - posed only to Black candidates - “how are we going to be sure that we’ll get the service we’re looking for and accustomed to from you people? Can we count on you? Can we trust you?” That’s the ask because they’re simply not White.